1. That man is a lucky person…being all unhinged and then stepping towards their kid…yikes.

  2. Last time I checked was more than 2 years ago and I'm at work. Do your own research

  3. I didn't have an argument I was proven wrong and then gave a reason why I was wrong and then corrected my post.

  4. Naw they just make big fat globs of it when it drips like that for some reason. I live in the south and when it's warm a fresh cut of a thick enough branch will have long stringy drips and it's sticky as all hell smells really nice tho.

  5. Imagine getting sued for being a lying POS on the news and using the legal defense of "of course it's not supposed to be taken seriously only crazy people would take Tucker Carlson seriously"

  6. saving this for a snow deformation test now. thanks :P

  7. The real big question is how did they make the animation fluid when changing directions the way they did. I'm guessing it's got something to do with ik rigging and giving specific bones "command" when changing the full direction with some parts lagging behind but idk I'm not an animator

  8. I'm so sorry that she is that mean to you...sounds horrible

  9. It is what it is. Important thing is to not hold on to that pain and empart it onto my children who will never be hurt like I was.

  10. Totally agree and huge congrats for doing that and having that mindset for your children❤️

  11. I hear once they've been stopped in this method (I forget how but some sort of small explosion to instantly stop the blade) they're pretty pricey to replace.

  12. If I'm not mistaken the explosion is a .45 caliber blank or something like that. May just be the primer.

  13. Having a product like this on the market is the same as needing a umbrella to stop shit from landing in your cherios, shouldn't even be happening.

  14. At this point I don’t even know anymore

  15. I'm an also a working leftist who isn't too sure if they would classify as a vaushite. I haven't watched any of his stuff in months yet he is still the only streamer I've ever given money too.

  16. Is this person a minor? Isn't it illegal to show that stuff on TV?

  17. No I got it from shitposting I couldn't draw that straight of a gray bar if you paid me.

  18. Cop in a neighboring town shot my friends grandpa with dementia in less than 20 seconds of him saying he's getting out of his car to talk with the offender. Said he used a taser and tried to deescalate but his body cam and dashcam suddenly stopped working that day.

  19. A lot of redditors don't get when it's skits or satire because they've been fed weird propaganda where they think this shit happens all the time in real life.

  20. Downvoted you cause you’re prolly the one who downvoted me which was completely unnecessary.

  21. This is badly worded. "Potential sexual partner" is vague and doesn't do enough to differentiate between situations where the answer would be different.

  22. This is the best take. Yeah you ain't gotta tell someone your trans in an causal setting when the idea of intimacy isn't explicit. The club analogy is great. Same goes for you guys just flirting at a cafe or in a Library at the park or whatever. When it becomes apparent that you may have sex with someone or maybe even start doing intimate things like kissing it's wise to tell the opposite party that you are trans. people have been killed for this.

  23. I wonder if there's a gene that makes hazelnuts taste bad to some ppl like cilantro taste like soap to some people. Nutella be ballin tho.

  24. They’ve evolved to respond to certain cues, usually related to mammals trying to get at their brood.

  25. You know this is probably true, when I bought my house I was looking through some really fucked up rotted out wood in my garage walls and it was paper thin I went up to it and ran my fingers across and poked a small hole. I was chill just looking gently applying presssure to see how bad the wood was. After the inspection I determined the wood was infact going to need to be replaced and the hole I made in the wood was right beside a giant HUGE fucking wasp nest the size of a cantaloupe covered in wasp my hand and arm was less than a foot away from this behemoth that I had somehow not seen hanging under this outdoor shelf, I wasn't stung yet I killed them all anyways shortly shelf

  26. Imagine thinking the paper masks actually do anything. There’s someone at my kitchen job that wears a damn baliclava to work everyday. The only point of those is to keep you’re face warm not filter air whatsoever. People are losing it

  27. The point was to never filter the air you jack wagon it's meant to restrict the distance the particles and breath you exhale travels so if you cough instead of all the particles going across the room it stays kinda just around your head.

  28. That’s amazing. And I get that in theory. But people still take them off for moments, pull them down, and there’s other ways to spread germs too. Plus they assumes the fabric actually keeps all the particles in, maybe a good quality mask does. Also, what are the implications for keep those particles right at your mouth and breathing them back in constantly, and not to mention breathing in carbon dioxide from your previous breaths and moisture from saliva being a breeding ground for bacteria.

  29. Yeah you ain't supposed to pull them down when used properly you get an effective deceleration of your exhale. It's not supposed to keep all the particles in it's supposed to slow them down and redirect. As for breathing them back in wouldn't hurt bc it came from you and it's just water vapor and your germs you already have. As for the carbon dioxide you expel enough regardless to be fine bc you arnt inhaling a lot back in. Oxygen in the air is at 20% the air you breath out is 16% as for the moisture. Your mouth is wet.

  30. I'm assuming you have the better job and if you can get/have evidence of her abandoning her kids you likely will get majority custody. Look into the laws of your city/state to see who the courts favor more. Where I live it's equal but my brother is in a mother's state. The cheating will help end the divorce faster but idk if it'll help with the custody.

  31. It will help with the assets but not with the custody her leaving tho will infact help with the custody and yes I'm the one with a job. She all but outright refused to work most of our marriage

  32. Tell her there isn't anything she can do to fix things, and she can't erase cheating. At this point, she can work with you for a civil divorce and a good co-parenting setup. That's it.

  33. I don't think I was the only one to think you were talking about Standard. I don't think the toxic decks are as good in Historic as they are in Standard. If you're going green, then green elves and green devotion are the two main meta decks you could look at for ideas.

  34. Oh if I was I was playing standard I'd be using the green white toxic but I don't have a hell of a lot of standard cards in general.

  35. Explorer is Arena's version of Pioneer from paper magic. Smaller card pool than Historic and no alchemy cards.

  36. I don't ever think I've seen that in the list of game modes I usually just do constructed try to be a jank player but I need wins so I can get more jank so I need competitive decks

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