Came across a vulture attacking something small that was still living, chased it off and found a little opossum. A few feet away mama had been hit by a car and all the siblings clung to her fur. Scooped them up and got them to the humane society.

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  1. "Why did everyone think Ellen was a loser?"

  2. You can watch 3D Blurays on PSVR, a feature that people seem to not know about.

  3. Hulu has vr content that’s pretty cool. From flying in a helicopter over a volcano to a cave tour. Great way to introduce people to vr.

  4. Is this still a thing? I thought they dropped psvr support years ago.

  5. My boss does wildlife rescue/rehab and she brought in a group of baby possums once. They're cute as shit and like to wrap their little tails around your fingers when you hold em.

  6. Pretty much same thing happened to me about 13 years ago. Alcoholic friend stayed with me and my ex to "get back on his feet". We left for 3 days and he went through 8 handles of vodka and trashed the place.

  7. Even a baby would enjoy this film, it's plagued of comedy... and that's why I hate it

  8. Watch out guys, we got a hot take here!

  9. Not nearly as adjustable for different head sizes.

  10. "Let me understand, you got the hen, the chicken and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So, who's having sex with the hen?"

  11. The sheriff/cops even mention it. I guess they either weren't paying attention or just haven't watched S1 in too long.

  12. Def this one. It was slow and painful to watch.

  13. The one that's like "doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, doodoodoodoodoo."

  14. I was being silly, but referring to the overworld theme (or whatever the first song you hear when you start a new world is called.)

  15. Most of my favorites have been named already (Joe Dirt, Logan Lucky, Raising Arizona)

  16. Short hair with eye patch and final Endgame battle are a tie for me.

  17. You just missed the Iron Man bundle being on sale for $250 everywhere.

  18. Gender is what you are biologically, sex is what you are mentally and emotionally

  19. You've got that one backwards, just fyi

  20. "A good and decent man"? Didn't anybody listen to what went down in that trial?

  21. And he has the balls to say this after seeing what's happening to Jones for spouting bullshit.

  22. It's literally called the "space" stone and you didn't think past a global scale

  23. I mean... Name a place outside of Earth's atmosphere that you, as you are right now, would want to be transported.

  24. Well I'd put on a space suit first... kind of weird to assume I'd have to go as I am now.

  25. I guess it all depends on a lot of unstated factors then. For instance: I don't have access to a viable space suit and oxygen tank, so are we getting gear along with the stone or do I have to source that myself?

  26. As much as I love Fred Willard, I don't think the funeral organist sketch is memorable at all, nor does it fit into the show well.

  27. Pretty meat and potatoes collection there.

  28. Eddie should've had more respect and not stand on people's tables, but I still don't think Jason should've yelled at Eddie.

  29. You didn't realize when all the world's change to Halloween colors, with the pumpkin head koopas and crow bullets?

  30. I think you may be misremembering a bit. The koopas had Mario masks, the jumping piranha plants had pumpkin heads.

  31. Still just wishing and hoping for a Vandal Hearts remaster.

  32. What fucking left wing professional retaliation are you worried about? What medical "belief" is a liberal going to push onto you? Please tell me. Are they going to force you to be gay or have an abortion? Maybe force you to dine in a restaurant that allows blacks? Share a water fountain with a trans person? The horror!

  33. "They're trying to force me to not be bled dry by the insurance and medical industries! It's my right as an American to spend my entire life savings and still go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt if I get cancer!"

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