1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:West_Germanic_languages_(simplified).svg

  2. Imagine some poor mobilized Russian stepping into a battlefield only to have a hundred switchblade drones just slamming into the battlefield all around him. There's no one to shoot at, nowhere to run, no direction, no cover, and it just goes on and on and on and on. Yeesh.

  3. That's what it's like for the Ukrainians when they receive mortar fire from the Russians. You hear the whistle sound and artillery lands all around your trench. As long as you are dug in only a direct hit on top of you will kill you.

  4. Do algorithmic trading bots know about the news ? Or do they just see numbers and jump on the wagon?

  5. Algos and market makers see lots of shorts trying to cash in on the demise. Lots of them trying to short it to 0.01 thinking they will get rich.

  6. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1890772/

  7. Heb je uberhaupt het artikel gelezen?

  8. Lol. Ik had eerst 5 artikelen headlines gezien die allemaal cold therapy en testosteron boost claimden.

  9. Web3 isn't a big deal still, we haven't built anything significant, im sure it will be significant in the future but I can't blame him for seeing it that way right now.

  10. It's still missing the killer app.

  11. Look... It's just a few bad eggs in a country of a billion plus people. Again. A few hundred who run a factory and make fake pills knowingly. Then there are the few hundred that sell fake pills. Again.

  12. Real wumao would never bring up bad eggs in China at all. Would just jump straight to whatabout Flint.

  13. I'm still surprised. Folks have tracked down other tracked devices (phones, cars) and the cops just kind of shrug and go "Too bad" in the stories I've read.

  14. Downstairs neighbour got his motorcycle stolen, he worked together with the cops to catch the crooks.

  15. Had er een documentaire over gezien. En jammer genoeg is dat niet het geval. Het zijn gewoon wezen die gebruikt worden voor financiële redenen. En ze hebben het daar niet eens beter dan een normaal tehuis. Want ze geven die kinderen zo weinig mogelijk zodat de rijke westerners extra veel geven.

  16. https://youtu.be/r2gC-UfGRcQ

  17. That's real china insight. For luxury goods, increasing price can increase sales

  18. That's why Porsche didnt setup a joint venture in China to produce a panamera locally to avoid some import duties.

  19. Well there are the piss tests that no one seems to be talking about.

  20. https://www.trimbos.nl/kennis/feiten-cijfers-drugs-alcohol-roken/rioolwateronderzoek/

  21. I miss the Meow over the radio.

  22. Basically if you have good government connections you can work out a deal. Guy I know had an old family house and family temple that had to be removed to build a compound with appartment complexes. He had done some modifications to the house which were added value to the property. He had to lobby to get some good compensation, he got a couple of appartments that represented the value.

  23. Ken Levine is working on judas now

  24. His tweet was more like a stab back at all the analysts who are predicting Russia to collapse in 2023.

  25. Tankies blame the dead on the protesters who wanted to end lockdowns.

  26. Is an IV drip considered TCM?

  27. Imagine the mental orgasm Gordon is gonna have when Chinese economy does collapse.

  28. Chen must be so disappointed Chinese people dont have vlue eyes and blond hair.

  29. Reminds me of the Luxemburg prime minister who had Xi over for a state visit. In his speach he said "together we rule over more than a billion people".

  30. Junker said that to that to wen jiabao.

  31. Here's to hoping switching from a one love arm sleeve to a pin helped.

  32. So that means the correctional services officers actually failed to get the woman out 😂

  33. My guess is the correctional service officers know too many triad members. If he beat the shit out of these guys, someone will come and visit him next week.

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