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  1. Look up Androgenous Insensivity Sydrome - not disagreeing with you but these guys are born with a vagina and go through female puberty (breasts) because of a natural condition, not choice - only reason they ever realise they've got XY is because they happen to do a blood test and it crops up. Not to undermine your point but it's a lot more complicated than just XY or XX, intersex people exist as well with male and female reproductive organs.

  2. I notice a lot of people who try to defend this in any type of way always seem to bring up intersex individuals when most of the LGBT community isn't. They identify as "genderfluid", "demi-genders", "agenders" and such. It sounds really silly to be these things. We (I assume) have no problem with intersex people, but those other people? They're something else.

  3. The point isn't to use being intersex as a case-by-case justification though, it's an illustration that the strict interpretation of gender where there's men and women and nothing in between is inadequate and not scientifically sound. There's a whole range of gender expression even for people who are born as the gender they identify with

  4. I'm really not following you. You mention science although even that source still only considers (well, until the LGBT cult decided otherwise) that the "range" you're speaking of only consists of male and female. Intersex is such a minority it's barely considered. This is why I refute this, most of you are of the belief you can change your sex when in fact you cannot. I don't believe there is much to "express" either, you just exist as one of the two.

  5. Sure bud, tell that to the parents of 6 year olds who have decided they're a girl and now will be referred to as such. It's starts somewhere, whether that is 2,3,4, or 5.

  6. Aww, did I hit a nerve, whore?? I'm so sorry. What a wasted body of semen you are.

  7. aww look at you, respectfully calling me a whore how cute, I'd much rather be a whore instead of an ignorant little blind bitch. Also nothing regarding you people hits any nerves of mine lmao I don't waste my mental peace on people like you. I've met a lot of very respectful muslims that are wonderful to be around, clearly you're a pussy

  8. Clearly you do since you cared to reply back defending your dick sucking addiction. Oopsies, too bad you wouldn't say that to my face sometime >.<

  9. No prob 👍🏼 do they claim to be “hated”? Yes. Does that control what is allowed to be said to them? YES. Lol I support anyone being true to themselves, but it literally proves the point I made to say what you said. Don’t tell me LGBT is not the controlling party when “hate” is labelled against them. It’s a simple definition I gave, not a positive or negative one.

  10. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not in support of them. This is to use it for whenever they do claim to be hated. I appreciate your open-ended definition.

  11. That’s where we disagree. I am in support of human rights, including all people.

  12. Anime PFP, talks like an incel, even worships a pedophile, looks and comments on nearly naked anime pictures where the girls look like children, is most definitely a pedo, hating trans so much that they most definitely want to commit transition

  13. Comments about everything besides what I mentioned, clearly your intellect isn't up to par for discussion. Might as well just move along.

  14. Says the 30 year old grooming 3rd graders. Make sure to not skip your therapy appointments k

  15. This isn't a christian sub, calling upon the prophet (PBUH) for help is not advised. Allah answers.

  16. I refuse to answer these senseless questions, however I recommend that you pick up your Quran and read it. For whatever Allah has done is best. Whatever Allah has permitted is best. Whatever Allah has made haram is best. You do not know better than Allah and therefore you have no place in questioning anything he has done.

  17. Nothing is too difficult for Allah.

  18. Ah, hope she gets well soon.

  19. Holy shit, the post history of this dude is fucked up. Dude's regularly posting to

  20. Holy shit that was the cringest sentence I've read in awhile.

  21. LOL NO WAY. I was just looking at this same review today and noticed, damn the coincidences.

  22. I'll agree that it probably isn't really a threat, but from what I remember, it doesn't have to be, just they have to think it could be. And this season a lot of people were going to bat for DAL, voting it up in other places and making it known. That alone could be enough to set them on it. It probably didn't really happen, but if they saw other ranking where DAL was doing really well, it isn't super farfetched to think they'd go try to stop it ahead of time.

  23. Well you're right, but considering where it is on the "leaderboard", there were much bigger players (and the FMAB stans have successfully dethroned) like "Kaguya-sama", which was actually at #1 until the rate-bomb. In general though, I can name plenty more series that are more of an incoming threat than DAL. I mean, I'm sure you and me can agree DAL was never getting top 50, right? I think that would immediately remove it from a zone of attack. I see where you're coming from though.

  24. So i can't say if they still do it over there. But, the Brother hood fan boys use to regularly mass downvote anything that came in to the top ten if they thought it might be a threat. And I doubt it has changed. So it is possible DAL fans weren't ignoring MAL< just that to many fan boys were just doing their thing. Which, for some reason, they are allowed to mass bridgade and downvote anything they want. But when a campgine was started to just mass upvote a single anime, they threw a massive hissy fit about it. Because it was so successful even their mass downvoting couldn't counter it. But no one involved with voting for the anime was downvoting any other animes, just upvoting the one they all legit liked, just in a coordinated effort. But they cried and got that removed. But still went did their down voting thing, on any anime that dared have fans. After that, I never went back to MAL, so maybe something is changed, but hard to believe.

  25. They still do it, quite frequently at that, but it's a pretty far reach to think FMAB fans actually played a part in rate bombing DAL of all series. I mean, even at it's peak it was what, an 8? That's nothing, FMAB is (last time I checked) at a 9.14.. DAL never was and never will get close to FMAB in terms of ratings or story. Just checked it's rating and DAL is sitting at 7.84, not even a threat. And imho with the Kurumi bias this season had (rushing the shit out of everything else to get to her arc) it's really a 6/10. That's just my 2 cents though.

  26. I'm probably among the least qualified to try to inform someone of something, but I'll try anyway. My understanding of this is that a woman's uh, let's use 'appearance' is reserved for her husband. To wear the hijab is to stray off those who don't choose to lower their gaze, as an act of self-preservation. To better explain my shabbily put together point let's compare a woman wearing a hijab to someone wearing a tightly fitted dress that reveals the figure and hair. Which one would you be more enticed to look at?

  27. Holy shit bro, Hitagi got CAKE

  28. Actually.. where could I get all the novels? And how much would they cost? Been thinking about getting them for a while now.

  29. Do you mean in English? All of them aren't translated yet so I dunno about that one. As for the Japanese novels all in total were $170 from Amazon.

  30. Was that a mf Jojo reference??

  31. Sigh, same old overused memes.

  32. Is she though? Feels like she'd have no idea what's going on.

  33. The secret of the osu! circle.

  34. Well tbh Run can activate and deactivate his wings. Hawks can't, so for aesthetics sake I'll say Run is cooler.

  35. its a low effort shitpost this isnt a fine art museum its a dead subreddit get over yourself

  36. Too bad, maybe put some effort in your post instead of posting unfunny garbage.

  37. Coming from someone who’s too scared to post anything

  38. Imagine going to see if I've posted anything at an attempt to insult me lol. Who are you again may I ask?

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