2. TP training isn’t near the worst part about pvp prep. It’s spending upwards of a week rallying for a single SA mon. Just give us ability patches and mints and the game is saved

  3. So you went back on the deal Corvus. sips coffee I guess I gotta go kick your ass.

  4. But it was an accident? Nothing I need to take further?

  5. Meowscarada: Better than what people expected, it’s still more cat than person. Also it has explosives. 9/10

  6. Nemona poppin up for a battle all the time like she’s Goro Majima

  7. I… I don’t remember… the first 13 years of my life were buried in my brain… then there’s the 7 years that went by while I was still being genetically modified…

  8. Woah woah woah buddy this is a team of people that like the sky not a cult.

  9. There is someone out there who takes team sky for a cult, but not me, however, propaganda and indoctrination have historically been useful in country domination, for instance: Hitler and Stalin (I am a World War II fanatic)

  10. Are we really sure we want to take inspiration from that?

  11. The mods are trying their best, they try to tell everyone to read the rules.

  12. The default age on the ID at the game intro for the protag is 10

  13. the frick? do the character designers at game freak need to relearn human anatomy, because their are rarely ANY 10 year olds that are freaking 5’2”. Nemona is also implied to be ten because of the fact she’s in the same class as the player, who is ten by the games logic. And btw I measured the protagonist up against my toxtricity to make sure, also against npc’s that are confirmed adults.

  14. Pokemon heights in over world aren't consistent with their sex entries. So that doesn't really hold up.

  15. Apparently people measured, and they DID remember to scale the Pokémon to size this time apparently. Also it looks like game freak cared more about sandwiches and making Tera raids look pretty than actually correctly scaling the humans this time.

  16. We use: steel types, machine-like pokemon and robot pokemon Our goal is to conquer the world and make it more mechanic, transforming some Pokémon to robot-like pokemon to use them and become the strongest in the world

  17. It’s mobin time, not as good as Mwambin Time or Reyn Time but still good.

  18. Since it’s based on Greece how about Team Tartarus. They want to overthrow the legendary trio of pokemon to put their own pokemon in their place. Ultra beasts who came to this land long ago and ruled over it, led by a legendary Pokémon based on Kronos (aka cronos or chronus) until they were usurped by the legendary trio. The ultra beasts would be based off of the titans of Greek mythology. At the end the leader would be sent to ultra space never to return.

  19. The timeline was made way before we knew that

  20. The musical timeline was a short horror story. So technically this is just where the narrators dwell.

  21. After the incident P.K lived in the Coridian Mountains with his Pokémon before being caught by Kode.

  22. Given what you told us about him apparently ruling like every region apparently i doubt it would be received well.

  23. He’s about to get inflicted with long term madness

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