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  1. My theory is that she is the only one not in NYC. Maybe Gale keeps her from coming or Sidney is out of the country or something

  2. Wow mine is almost the exact opposite of yours.

  3. Mindy is beyond annoying to me, but i can appreciate the list and love that everyone has different opinions

  4. She was always blaming everyone for being the killer and not caring about her family or friends deaths or targets

  5. Roanoke is clearly the black sheep of the AHS family. I have loved Roanoke since the day it first premiered. It was the first season that i watched each week as the first five seasons were already on Netflix and i binged them in preparation for Roanoke premiere. So it has that factor of being my first live watching AHS season. I never understood the hate that it got. The only thing i didn’t like about Roanoke is they didn’t have an opening title sequence and that could have been an epic title sequence

  6. Lexy would definitely know as she was most likely 7 or 8 when Caroline was born. Also, Lexy didn’t out right dent the accusations which makes me think she is adopted or Lexy knows the truth.

  7. She is definitely the best out of the 3 trio. Tbh i like Jake as well. It’s Devon for me that’s not as good. Idk if it’s his acting, the character, the writing for him, or all three. Clearly Lexy> Jake> Devon. But with that said. I love their friendship/relationship.

  8. The good thing about the show is you don’t have to watch the seasons in order. You may hate Hotel but love The next season or seasons after that. That is the good reasons of it being an anthology series

  9. I realized Amber was after watching the trailer. That is why i won’t be watching the trailer to Scream 6 this time

  10. Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) and Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) are my Scream Queens for life.

  11. As Judy is my favorite character and i hated watching her suffer in season 3 and thought that would be a horrible end for her, I 100% support this theory.

  12. After rewatching nyc , i don’t like it as much

  13. How is Jennifer, Sarah, or Principal’s deaths iconic or best?

  14. A prequel to Grace and Frankie lol 😂

  15. I so miss the television series (the first two seasons) cast. I wish they would make the true third season and wrap up their storyline.

  16. So glad to see Kirby, Chad, and Tara!! Those are my new favorites including Gale

  17. Why is everyone hating on Kirby’s hair?? Looks better than in Scream 4

  18. I agree 100%. I think it would be a waste to bring Kirby back and not have her mention Jill in some way. Because that would have affected her more than Charlie. Since she though Jill was her best friend!

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