1. It will most definitely not go on sale, just get it now.

  2. Yeah I was thinking they probably wouldn't go on sale. Thank you for clarifying

  3. I once asked a friend to build me a house and they agreed. Once they started building it I noticed my money going down rapidly. THEY SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON USELESS STUFF, LEFT THE SERVER, AND UNFRIENDED ME

  4. Subreddit rules #7 - don't beg for Bloxburg money

  5. I'll add you “Alexwalex17” and message from the text feature on roblox when you accept.

  6. The biggest rumors say October 15th or sometime in March 2023, I want to believe the first one.

  7. I'm getting very different responses and I'm scared it's coming next year :(

  8. I believe it's October 15th, but I'm not exactly sure how accurate that is

  9. I typed 1 and it's been over 60 hours. He hasn't been able to join through the id and when he finds the server in the servers list, it doesn't let him load into it

  10. Why are pronouns so important I think if someone looks the gender just call them it why does it matter if the collecters a he/him. You'd rather him be one of those weird ze/iels

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