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  1. maybe buy used Uggs? facebook marketplace or craigslist would be worth sifting through. u would benefit from their warmth without directly supporting the company or their practices , plus give a new home to an unwanted pair of boots.

  2. Lmao why are you getting downvoted for suggesting buying secondhand??? That is the most sustainable and logical answer

  3. Something about the console being centered and basically touching the bottom of the tv rubs me the wrong way

  4. I agree tv on wall to the left and couch floating in center facing tv will probably make the coziest / functional space

  5. Small screen in your theater but that’s ok

  6. Lmao I don’t think you been to a movie theatre. It’s colosseum seating where the seats get higher by each row behind it. The only seats with the screen higher are the ones on the floor directly in front of the screen which is pretty well understood as the worst place to be.

  7. I watched Titanic 3 times in a row when it came out. Jack fit on that board.

  8. Crts have been in temperature controlled low 70 degree living rooms and exposed to the sun via a window for decades. I think it’s what they’re designed for

  9. Dude you posted a box of like 7 different consoles and asked people to tell you how to fix them all as if they were instructing a 5 year old. I get that it sounds innocent but just shows ignorance on your end to expect people here to just write out how to repair every console with no knowledge on their condition / the issue. In situations like this it’s best for you to learn as much as you can on your own so people here can help you better.

  10. Getting downvoted cause I’m annoying for talking about apple’s mistakes

  11. Wow Fetterman has one ugly wife

  12. Lmao the fact you’re choosing to clown on that just goes to show how far you have to reach to talk shit on this guy

  13. I'm in a really tough spot as a voter. I absolutely detest almost everything the Republicans stand for on the social side of things, but I also have a very difficult time with some of the current social movements on the left. It might seem like dumb stuff, but I am blasted with news about sex ed and complex racial issues being taught in my daughter's school that the Democratic party seems mostly for, yet at the same time I'm completely pro-choice and think the Republicans have gone off the rails with election denial and anti-abortion stances.

  14. I think you need to ask yourself what is it about trans people that is causing you this much concern. Based on how vague your description is it sounds like you may be concocting scenarios in your head around it. A couple ridiculous anecdotes does not summarize the trans community, and chances are you are completely unaffected by trans people to begin with.

  15. Lmao I see a red splash but keep goin

  16. Sorry guess you missed the memo it’s Pumpkin season all year long now 🎃

  17. boyfriend sucks and you're beating yourself up over nothing

  18. I was under the impression I needed to get the studio display but ended up picking up this 27” LG 4K for $300.Has 95% DCI-P3. At the advice of some on Reddit I downloaded BetterDisplay and am doing HiDpi at 1920x1080 which keeps the UI at a good size and very crisp. I do professional design work and this display looks great and I have no complaints at the moment

  19. NAH - Lmao these comments. Based on the description here she is getting upset and bullying you for a mistake at an unprofessional level. Imagine if this was flipped and someone that was non American screamed at an American person for pronouncing their name wrong. I think given that you grew up speaking French it is understandable you would by default like muscle memory pronounce an actual French word “Fleur” as how you grew up knowing it to be pronounced. Yes in the future you should disregard the original French origin and say it how they want it to be said, but you are not an asshole for making that mistake. That persons parents took a French word and decided to pronounce it like an American. It is not your fault for initially pronouncing it as the actual word. Imagine a French person naming a kid “Hot Dog” and getting fuming mad you didn’t pronounce it “Haute Dooug” from the get go.

  20. that’s just part of Gateway’s Tabi line

  21. I decided to pick up this 27" 4k LG monitor today on sale from Best Buy. Have it scaled to HiDpi 1920x1080 with BetterDummy. So far looks amazing.

  22. I think it's hilarious someone went through this post and downvoted every comment that mentions a monitor other than the studio display.

  23. If you want a monitor which is as sharp and bright enough to compare to a MacBook screen, it’ll have to be a retina screen, and there are not many options. You’re right, the LG 27” ultrafine is an option, but honestly they break all the time. The other only options I would consider are the Pro Display XDR, or the Studio Display. I have used a Pro Display XDR and it’s amazing, but so expensive. I instantly bought a Studio Display when it came out and have not regretted it one bit. The screen is fantastic. It is 600 nits which is way brighter than most other monitors. The build quality is way better than everything else. It has 3 x USB-C on the back. The speakers are great. The camera, controversially, is okay. People like to moan about it, but it’s absolutely fine for conference calls/FaceTime. Only downside is that it’s a little bit pricey.

  24. Thanks, truthfully been going back to this in my head over and over. Spent hours today researching monitors and every one I came across had some sort of hangup - build quality, contrast, etc. The only hang up on the studio for me is the price - which at the end of the day might be worth it just for convenience and to stop researching monitors anymore, haha. Might buy a $600 range 4k monitor to try out and see if it works for me, but I know the studio display will be peeking its head around the corner waiting for me to change my mind.

  25. As someone who graduated college in 2007 into a housing crisis and recession and then had to hustle and work their ass off to pay off their student loan in full, I have zero sympathy. Thank god I chose a degree that actually ensures income.

  26. you do realize college does not cost the same now right? and wages have not increased at the rate college tuition has. Not to mention jobs basically mandating bachelors degrees, therefore underpaid impressionable teenagers being led into ridiculous loans with high interest rates. In other words, you being able to pay off your loan in 2007 is not at all the same as it would be now for most people.

  27. What the hell kind of company is this? I would refuse to give them anything other than the Chase direct deposit form. Your employer only needs the routing number and account number. The voided/digital check is the secondary verification. Anything else is a violation of privacy and none of their business, IMO. -employer of about 300 people

  28. A very reputable large company which is why this is very weird. Thanks for your feedback, gonna tell them what I sent already should be perfectly sufficient.

  29. If they have a powdery coating I’m definitely stoked to try and find these

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