1. Alright, am really looking forward to this Sim update! Mostly because of the apparently fixed memory leak issue on long flights! 😅

  2. I wouldn't mind some career mode, where you unlock planes, livery etc.

  3. FSX had all very diverse and creative missions. From losing both your engines above the Indian Ocean on a 737 to chasing UFOs with a fighter jets and from traversing a water plane through the Amazon for treasures to a oil rig helicopter rescue. It had voice overs, choices to made and they were just really fun. They included helis, airliners, waterplanes, gliders, fighter jets, race planes, etc. There were a ton of them. Watch some of them on YT

  4. Great job asking for help and learning along the way! This is a great community, and an awesome way to progress in skill and knowledge.

  5. Thanks! :) Community is awesome and also helped me really well. Cant wait for the Barca - Brussel shuttle tomorrow as I know both airports quite well

  6. I'm assuming the red highlight is where you stopped? If so, yeah, you went beyond the hold short bars, those horizontal symbols running across the taxiways in your screenshot.

  7. Yeah but don't you need thw 700 base pack to even be able to use the 600?

  8. JANET is literally the only current operator of the -600 I can think of off the top of my head, though I definitely agree flying JANET to Area 51 on VATSIM sounds like a lot of fun.

  9. I appreciate the pricing model but I’ll probably skip this one and wait for the -800. I like to fly the actual model by operator. Does any carrier still use the -600?

  10. Bar the tree colissions, is this slightly realistic?

  11. They've shown systems work since back in early 2021, they're working on it but haven't shown much more lately.

  12. Make sure to set your flight to IFR in the MSFS flight planning

  13. Sad that I dont see anything about the HOLD freeze. Nice that the flickering bug is solved tho.

  14. Hmm, some are multi step trips but:

  15. The approach (runway 8) with the 180 turn on approach is visual right? Altough it should not be done by airliners

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