1. It's cute, makes complete sense and kinda makes me hate the fact that I lost that naivety because 'we only hooked up twice, it's not like we're dating?' seems so normal as an adult?

  2. I'm not sure if this comment is sarcasm or not, but I'm definitely not against people having hook-ups. Just had my fare share of 'thinking someone cared about me when they didn't' so I wouldn't mind going back to a time where kissing someone meant they truly like you

  3. Love that! Do you have a png of the leaves you edited in?

  4. Yes, the option is only available if you romance Ryan and he doesn’t believe you at the meeting (if you choose Steph you’re locked in regardless since she’s on your side no matter what)

  5. Yeah I apparently 'chose' Steph despite never making a romantic move on her.

  6. If you don’t give anyone a rose the game seems to default to whoever you chose to distract Diane in Episode 3 instead, it’s literally impossible for Alex to wind up on the roof alone in the penultimate episode

  7. A scenario without a roofscene all together wouldn't have hurt. Though when I was on the roof with Steph, and even when she ripped her ticket I still felt like 'cute but I've never expressed that I'm into her so I assume I still get a say in this?'. Definitely didn't feel like I'd chosen her by then.Combined with me distrusting the villain from the start (and never having followed him to a mine in the middle of the night!) overall it really felt like the most signifcant choices were being made for me. But oh well, it was a decent movie, I guess ;)

  8. I replayed chapter 2, part 3 and ended up in the same situation... THEN I looked into the control settings and saw there is a button for "power vision"! I could use that and finally progress!

  9. I'm stuck at the same part. Rightclick gives me a purple glow around Riley but no other info whatsoever?

  10. The pudding one is left over from a cut arg involving the Nutri-Specs, a Toy of Power that was cut from every version except the PS3 version. You see them in action here

  11. Ah thanks! That's interesting and does explain the sense of 'what am I missing here?' I got from that bit!

  12. My thinking is this is probably what straight people would feel with 'every' (good) show/movie if they weren't used to seeing themselves represented all the time.

  13. Lots of people got a sense of grief watching this show, really no need to beat yourself up over it!

  14. Nah nah nah it's definitely a choice, and I have decided to be sad >:) (/s) but seriously thank you, and yeah you're definitely right. I think I've pretty much always been the type of person who follows the "it could be worse so this isn't that bad" kinda mentality but maybe I should use this as my wake up call to work on that

  15. It’s pretty much a mentality we all get taught, isn’t it? And of course it is good to realise it’s not the end of the world/worse things can happen and you’ll survive but that doesn’t make your feelings less valid ;)

  16. I finished reading part 2 when I hadn't finished the season yet (had to wait for a friend) and some of the later episodes fell a bit flat because a lot of it was a word for word copy of what I'd just read. Didn't stop me from reading everything else though (no self control here) and I guess if you'd read them now there's enough time to 'forget' about it before the next seasons drop.

  17. I'm not sure if he ever had as much as a crush on Charlie or even saw him as a person with Charlie pretty much representing a side of himself he's not comfortable with

  18. Glad to see your message end on a positive note. I think the show triggered a lot of memories we hadn't though about for years for a lot of us. Like I'm only now coming to grips how lonely it must have been to be crushing on my best friend, discovering all these conflicting/very big feelings and literally talking about it to noone for about 3 years, and it definitely was the start of a habit of choosing wisely which parts of myself to show to others because they would be approved of and which to keep to myself. Still overwhelmed how such a, at first sight very cute and light, show can bring up so many feelings and memories but I think I'm actually starting to be grateful for it. Not for my past or all the things I'll never get to experience/change, but for.. making me aware how I still have been treating myself like the little boy I was back then and realizing I wish more for my current self? More of being true and accepting to myself especially.

  19. Yeah, I totally get what you're saying. And, yeah, I did have crushes on some straight friends as well and it was so frustrating having to hide those feelings lmao

  20. Take it easy on yourself, no need to kick yourself straight out of your comfort zone either!

  21. It's not official merch but sites like Redbubble and TeePublic make shirts and other things from fan art that supports the fan artist! I got my HS shirt from Redbubble this week and I love it

  22. Thanks for this tip! Was looking for potential Heartbreaker artwork for on my wall (once I've decided if it's not weird to have teenage boys on my walls) and Redbubble seems to have quite a lot. Any experience with the quality (not sure if the images they use are really suitable for printing at such a large size?)

  23. Yeah I mean, it's not like I don't believe that some pretty awful behaviour sometimes just stems from someone being very insecure/unhappy themselves (in most cases I guess that's the case) but I'm not sure, especially in a show aimed at teenagers, 'this guy who's a complete ass to you might turn out to be your bestie next season' is the greatest message to viewers

  24. The thing about the homophobic bully always being insecure closeted gay is a pretty dangerous trope too, I think. Not that that doesn’t happen, but in film and TV that’s like almost always the reason, and that’s not true-to-life at all. Encouraging people to believe that someone being mean to you is almost always because they like you seems like a good way to get people hurt.

  25. Definitely. Although in this case Ben actually being gay/bi has already been suggested pretty strongly I guess (but then he also isn't really a typical bully, just a jerk)

  26. completely agree about all of this. i saw someone say that the novella felt like the outline to a story but not a fleshed out story and i completely see that after reading it. the photos thing was cute but like really? that’s how charlie thinks he should take this up with nick? nick can’t read charlie’s mind and the fact that they didn’t talk for two weeks seemed incredibly out of character for both of them.

  27. Yeah the 'I'll just keep sending pictures without saying anything even though I'm getting zero response' was a bit off

  28. I made the 'mistake' of finishing book 2 before watching the final few episodes of the show (had to wait for a friend) and it definitely took away some of the magic because a lot of it was a line by line copy of what I just read. I didn't watch the show for the huge twists or surprises but I definitely felt less drawn in for the last episodes. I might also have imagined a few scenes even more magical while reading then they turned out?

  29. Nothing happens here, is it a local thing?

  30. I believe blue and yellow are Charlie and Nick's colours, although if one colour is meant to represent each of them I don't know which way round it is

  31. This is funny to read with literally a picture of the two of them (blue background for Nick, yellow for Charlie) in my Reddit sidebar

  32. This is very true and rational (and rationally I'm very much aware of all of this) but emotions don't always work that way. I was sad after watching it before even starting to think about why that could possibly be. Still not sure if that's really about 'not having the romance shown in the show' or if there's something else to it, but whatever it is it apparently needs to be felt. The fact I (and many people) had such a strong reaction to it is probably partially due to these being feelings we never properly allowed ourselves to feel before so I doubt 'it's fiction, just get over it' is the way to go here. Sometimes it's actually quite healthy to allow yourself to grief.

  33. For sure, totally agree with you. I guess my main issue is the self comparison and beating yourself up about it - it's heartbreaking to see some of the ways people make themselves smaller.

  34. Ah yes, guess I took your post the wrong way then. There's definitely no point in beating yourself up over it or in getting stuck in 'what if's' and regrets about something you're not gonna change anyway and I do agree what we see in the show is pretty rare in real life (even for straight teens I'd think). Though I did talk to someone recently whose 15-year-old son basically did have a real life puppy love with a boy including sleepovers and everything and did make me a tiny bit sad (and happy?) all over again!

  35. Interesting and very different from what I read in the book. Cause going for 'putting your feelings in words' seems very much like something you do with your thoughts and going by the original book I got the impression you shouldn't use your brain to think and just have to... let it come to you? From a random shape or image appearing in your chest? I feel stupid just writing this but that's how it sounds and pretty much nothing happens.

  36. Thanks, great read! Would you say reading the book is still worth it or did you cover all of it?

  37. Sending you lots of love ❤ Nick always knows what to say to calm Charlie down. Let's be our own Nick.

  38. It’s a lot harder when you’re a Charlie 🥲 But yeah, let’s try!

  39. I mean, yes Heartstopper reflects an ideal, and I just hope people will try to reach as close as possible to this ideal of behaviour. That would be great ! (I don't know if I'm clear, not a native English speaker sorry)

  40. I'm not either but I made perfect sense of what you wrote ;)

  41. Emotions sometimes are far from rational. You can feel like you have no right or reason to be sad but still feel it. I'm struggling with similar things right now also not quite knowing what the point of these feelings is but being pretty hard on myself I guess in the past I just didn't quite allow myself to feel some things and apparently they're finding their way out only now. Not quite sure what to make of it yet but I guess just letting the emotions be is a first step. Hope you feel better soon!

  42. So, talked to my own doctor today (she had a week off last week) and she pretty much asked 'did you feel a need for therapy before you saw the show?' 'well, erm..no'

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