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  1. sick! The only yakuman I have been able to get is a big three dragons

  2. I watch bnb to better understand lecture lol

  3. just use a refrence sheet for mahjong. Like its almost like poker

  4. Personally, I have been hearing more about the 3 pancakes a day analogy.

  5. the elder lemurians I believe built the temple of elders in the original risk of rain, so I think their intelligence was already proven in that way

  6. My first memmory was enjoying a japanese mario kart 64 with all my siblings.

  7. tbh i dont think learning mahjong is that hard. Just utilize a list like this to keep track of valid hands to go for

  8. I still don’t really dig alcohol to this day. Unless the bewilderness bothers you, I think you should just care less about what others think about it. Some people just don’t like certain things and likes others, and that is okay.

  9. I hated doing Casper for medical school. I hate that this is a thing I may deal with for residency. I did the aamc SJT and got a better score, which just shows that there is not a lot of validity for what these exams want to test.

  10. How did you find out your Casper score? When I applied they didn't share your score with you.

  11. They now share your quartile ranking with you since last year.

  12. 13 orphans should be gone for any opportunity you can just for this moment

  13. Secondaries don’t flood your inbox as fast as you all think. Pre write for sure, but be flexible enough to tackle the ones that come in

  14. Do you have the option to not buy one? Because that is something that really no one needs. Either you go into ophtho and have better equipment or you don't and there is one in a clinic if you need it. We used ours like twice total in 4 years of med school, sum total about 1 hour. And learned from retired internists who forgot how to use them. You could also look into buying an upperclassmen's equipment or going in on one together with classmates to share.

  15. Unfortunately, one of my classes include having it as part of the grade

  16. TBH only charles drew and uc davis really have a substantal screen, since literally every other school offered me one. UCSF took sometime time to give a secondary, so they probably screened a bit.

  17. They all have screening to a degree, but the ones I listed screen the hardest. UCI, UCSD, and UCLA have been shown to screen people to a degree. UCR screens OOS out and favorably invites IE people.

  18. What counts as rich? Having your tuition completely paid for?

  19. People giving examples but I think the data just shows more than half of med students come from the upper quintiles of family incomes while only 6% or so come from the bottom quintile of family incomes. Even among URMs the family income origins are disparate, if I'm remembering correctly.

  20. Yeah, I am just curious because I definitely am mostly taking out loans to finance my education with no help from family. So, I have no idea where people are getting the money to go on vacations besides taking out loans.

  21. I am working on one of these right now, and its so painful

  22. I would stop right now and wait. You have to play up for the school for the secondary, but don’t attach yourself at this time. I have learned that you should decide to marry yourself to a school until they interview you at the very least.

  23. Hard agree, I hope all medical school curriculums address this aspect. I think it would help if people come from a perspective of curiousity in these cases rather than the perspective of creating solutions for the other person.

  24. you dont have a yaku, you may have been able to call richii for a yaku if you did not open your hand.

  25. I literally joined reddit to ask for help understanding this insanely convoluted game.I've been trying to figure it out for however old my reddit account is. To no avail.

  26. A yaku is basically a win condition. The easiest one is all simples which is 4 sets or 3 and a pair using only tiles 2-8. You need to learn all the others.

  27. you have no yaku right now because you opened your hand. To win a hand in mahjong, you are required to have one yaku. The easiest one is all simples(2-8 tiles). You could have riichi, but you called a chii and a pon, which open your hand. Youcannot riichi after that.

  28. I can only assume you are a CA applicant based in this list. I would add some more schools like vcu, wake forest, and ucf to be safe, but your app is solid

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