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  1. Hello! I have been following your posts for the past two days, and have come to the conclusion you do not deserve to have Ankha on your island. She is my comfort character and seeing her in an environment not meant for her brings me anxiety, so I will be expecting you to DM me when you have her in boxes and ready to relinquish her to someone who will treasure her like she deserves.

  2. Get a job old man; and trim that beard! Have some self respect!

  3. Wait, the guy with the what on his what now?!

  4. Guy who claimed to have been nakedly transporting raw chicken and ‘dropped’ it and it hit his dick and he was asking about if it’s possible to get salmonella on his dick. Something to that effect.

  5. Omg really? This has gone on for months! 😂 thank you!!

  6. Yup! I had one of mine say ‘Pay up!’ because I found it amusing. Then it started spreading like wildfire. Even new villagers would begin using it right away. Eventually I had to eradicate it from the island.

  7. It's funny how they use the one Smurf that would probably be canonically atheist or agnostic 😂

  8. Yeah came to say using Brainy Smurf may be the worst choice for this type of meme.

  9. I eat cereal out of a cup with a chop stick or bbq skewer. Just sort of sip the milk and direct the cereal into my mouth with the stick. I get perfect ratios as I control everything this way.

  10. Last time my mom was in the hospital there were so many nurses doing checks on her I had to call to complain. She takes a while to fall asleep and by the time she did, another check would happen.

  11. Strahd and his ‘good buddy’ Azalin escaped once upon a time. Could try to replicate Azalin’s experiments on his own. And if you really want to go nuts, have Strahd do his own Grand Conjunction based on knowledge from Azalin’s attempt.

  12. When you gotta read the news at eleven but be on the drag runway at midnight.

  13. My jealousy is immeasurable, haha. What a gorgeous set up and collection! I one day hope to have a room dedicated to building Lego.

  14. This has all the hallmarks of an unreliable narrator. It sounds like everybody is being super unfair to her... unless she's an asshole, in which case everything makes perfect sense.

  15. Yeah logically it doesn’t make much sense to force your spouse to move out of the house for weeks, to the point of calling CPS, over that one incident.

  16. This is why it’s imperative we have instructions for what the three seashells do and not just assume everyone will always know.

  17. Isn’t this the song on the captain Morgan commercial?

  18. Ty, I was wondering! I keep hearing it come on the tv in the other room but don’t know what commercial is using it! I recognize the song instantly. 😂

  19. Did she say why she went no contact with him? Like the obvious thing is he’s probably ghosted you. But I’d want closure he’s ok and that’s what’s actually going on. I’d try to contact the sister for more info on the situation and if she’d be willing to reach out on your behalf.

  20. Yeah that’s a low estimate of the treasure in just one of the vaults that hasn’t even been opened in over a century. This place is basically Scrooge McDuck’s money bin irl. You’ve got golden coins and treasure dating back more than a thousand years from all over the ancient world. The historical and cultural relevance of everything means technically you couldn’t even put a price on the whole thing.

  21. If you can't go in the Vatican archives, how was the picture taken? 😳

  22. I question OOP’s brother’s relationship with his now wife. I feel with any respective partner you’d want your relationship to include growth on both people’s parts. You learn and grow together. With an LGBTQ+ sibling, you’d think homophobia would be a deal breaker if you cared about your sibling.

  23. The initial concept is just Klaus

  24. I was thinking of the 80’s film Maid to Order where a spoiled heiress has her literal fairy godmother erase her identity. Then she takes a job working as a maid for her former father and has to learn the values of hard work and caring for the people who were her servants. An overlooked movie imo. Stars Ally Sheedy (Breakfast Club), Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences) & Beverly D’Angelo (of National Lampoon movies fame).

  25. At a certain point you’d think people would figure out the correlation between their game breaking after an update and the 87 terabytes of mods they have installed.

  26. It’s a good lesson that defaulting to saying ‘that’s just how they are’ about someone you’re close to, could just be you hand waving away red flags other people are seeing.

  27. Appalled that she asked if he jerked off to his dead gf’s nudes! Also how is it cheating??? The woman is dead!

  28. Burn the entire house down; this is trash!

  29. Really you’d just intercept the messages and radio silence for a while. Make the Abbot think they’ve done something to be abandoned by their God. They just get more fervent and devout. To be cut off from the holy would drive one to desperation. Then one day start the whispers, small requests, and escalating from there.

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