1. Did your babelash last as long as the supply said it should? I switched from an MLM product to grandelash, and it dried up in less than half the time the bottle was supposed to last. I recently decided to try babelash instead. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks so far.

  2. I also have the Ilia serum and had no idea it could twist off like that until I saw your picture! I’ll definitely be doing that once mine is close to empty!

  3. Once it stopped pumping out I twisted it off and there was so much left, enough for multiple uses and I used that stuff all the way down my chest.

  4. He didn’t sexualise his Sister, he just wasn’t comfortable around her showing him her bra repeatedly. She sexualised him with her accusation and she deserved to be brought back down to earth.

  5. Nars creamy radiant for under eyes and soft matte for acne omg love

  6. Blush is easy. Foundation is relatively easy. Lipstick is really easy. But concealer is really hard. I’ve tried a lot, including a lot of influencers “holy grail” products.

  7. I have been using Becca under eye brightened in fair(pink) but it isn’t pigmented enough or something. It helps but not enough

  8. I wonder if there's any fragrances that try to capture the smell of some nice fish scale

  9. I was on the old school message boards for beauty and skin care in the early 2000s. They had unbiased reviews and comment sections

  10. How/what products do you use? Is it just adding several moisturizers? ( genuinely asking)

  11. Aquaphor over your moisturizer. A lot of people use Vaseline but Aquaphor is best

  12. I understand that you stopped consuming alcohol for a month and feel you didn’t have positive benefits from it. I’m here to tell you that 30 days is not long enough. You need to stop for a year or more before your brain really heals. The common consensus is that you will need 24 months until you brain is significantly healed. Sobriety - it sucks. It’s hard. It feels impossible when you haven’t lost enough to feel desperate. If you give it time, and work, it will pay off. The thing about consuming mind and mood altering substances is we always think we are doing better than we actually are. Being an addict or an alcoholic is being a master of self deception. You haven’t given yourself the time to see the benefits of sobriety, only the negative side. You deserve to experience life without alcohol and you are the only one who can give yourself that experience.

  13. I have baby marble pop(Asia exclusive) and pink honey pop. Cheek pop is great. I find Tarte Amazonian clay blush is longer wearing, but I just love to use Cheek Pop because it is so cute in the pan

  14. I’m not sure it was originally written that way, but we can infer that when Korra opens the door to Lin’s room after her acupuncture treatment and she “sees” Suyin m

  15. Drake has a tattoo of Drakkar Noir and

  16. I have been testing it the past week and I'm starting to like it! I didn't enjoy it at first because the drydown was mostly hazelnut for me but after a few hours it settled into a sweet chocolate scent which I love.

  17. I didn’t like the first wear, the second I started warming up and by the fourth I liked it a lot. It’s a scent you have to be in the mood for. I have some perfumes that I can wear anytime but this is not one of them. It is spectacular when you are craving it, and that’s how I feel about eating chocolate - if I really want it I love it, but it’s mediocre if I don’t have a craving

  18. You would never catch me paying even half that for a celebrity fragrance

  19. OP is definitely one of those men who insists he’s helping and really isn’t.

  20. Why dont you find a second job instead of posting on reddit about football and your dog and how you want your girlfriend to get a job so u can afford a maid to do your chores

  21. Sorry people made you feel like you had to prove your before and after results. You are gorgeous now and you were before as well.

  22. At least a few Muglers - Alien, Alien Flora Futura, Aura edp, Angel NOVA

  23. This is so sad, and I kind of feel bad for other women because they must have such negative self esteem to do something so gross. To think a man who is ditching his family during the holidays to cheat with another woman is sweet? Damn man I really hope she finds happiness and self worth

  24. Beauty/skincare: glossier, dr barbara sturm, augustinus bader (who the heck is paying hundreds for a HA serum or a moisturiser??)

  25. Their releases have been majority of a miss for me. Their mascaras just gloop my eyelashes into a few clumps despite how much goop I remove from the brush. The eyeshadows don't blend well on me and the blush palettes always pull red-pink on my pale olive complexion.

  26. That doesn’t make the brand shady. I believe OP is looking for brands with sketchy business practices, history of racism or unethical behavior.

  27. I went to a medical doctor because the probably $6000 lifetime but at the moment saved about $500 of products from Sephora that never worked for me. I have rosacea and sensitive skin and was getting horrible congestion and flare ups from. So the DOCTOR in a expensive clinic because I live in a city where the cheapest house is $1m and it’s a 1 bed 1 bath complete POS. So yeah, stuffs more expensive than Alabama. $500 is the cost of a facial here.

  28. That’s nice that you live in an affluent city. I do as well, but thankfully I have more class than to condescend to strangers on the internet about it. I’m not sure why you’re telling me a random price for an unnamed facial or why you think it has anything to do with being overcharged for products. Have a beautiful day -you sound like you could us it

  29. But I will note, it is not a moisturizer. It is a treatment serum. If you are looking for a moisturizer instead you might want to look at FAB’s KP line or REN’s.

  30. Oh even better because I can use my urea moisturizer after it. Thanks!

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