My friend group forgot today is my birthday and went to see a movie we had plans to see without me

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  1. My guess is they didn’t start selling more 6 packs by adding 1 extra mystery cookie like they thought they would. So they basically made it more work for themselves, and going back to pink sugar means less work and probably the same amount of business from 4 packs (other than weeding out some people with the recent price hike)

  2. I used to always get six packs when this was a staple and then when they took it away I’d just do a four pack and a single cookie instead.

  3. Yeah I just got my renewal it went up 30% and its about $4600 now for a little 2/1 lol

  4. The revenant 2015,I liked it but how much can one character take.

  5. This is my comfort movie lol

  6. My mystery flavor is KEYLIME 😍

  7. i actually have no idea, i’m kind of interested in how they coped as well

  8. I know this is an old post but with the trial going on I searched Douglas to catch up on some stuff I had missed.

  9. It’s just be the pic. It was super soft lol

  10. As horrible as this is to hear, I hope everyone realizes that our children still go to this school. Our children and the community still walks past this building to go to a baseball game, to go to a football game, to go to a competition in the gym, whether it’s for color guard or the basketball team. This trial has opened up those wounds again, but we are relieved that there is finally a light at the end of this tunnel for the building. Please support our community in our efforts to have this building torn down!

  11. It will be torn down after the trial they said. They had to keep it as evidence. It really is so haunting to pass and I can’t wait till it’s gone.

  12. If you want to ruin the weekend perhaps lol

  13. That new info is making my basic white girl who is already drinking pumpkin coffee heart happy.

  14. Some Dunkin’s have pumpkin syrup in already and are selling 🎃

  15. It’s SO sad. I’ve seen that movie 100 times and sob every time. Hate Yolanda.

  16. If you’re in south Florida by chance I’ll see the movie w you

  17. A roadie 20 is still under warranty..?? Those have been extinct awhile.

  18. They discontinued them in 2020

  19. Yes, that’s normal for warranty returns. They will offer you something semi-equivalent.

  20. I do pre chill the cooler. I’ve had it for a few years now and the last few months or so it’ll only hold ice for a couple of hours unfortunately.

  21. When I posted one of my messed up orders I never expected to be compensated from my post on here. I wrote the store. I just shared to share lol

  22. I worked with my city to get one of these installed in the park in my neighborhood and within like two weeks someone broke out the plastic of the door and the sprinklers ruined all the books. I was so sad 😞

  23. As a South Floridian I don’t want anything warm in the summer lol 🥵

  24. The plant overall is healthy, no brown leaves, new lily’s blooming. So not sure if I should be concerned or not.

  25. I’m just here to know in advance when chocolate ft Oreo and key lime pie will be back lol.

  26. I wish they would switch it out with sugar cookie some weeks. I don’t like the chocolate chip but I love the pink sugar cookie and miss it so much lol

  27. Yeah, I'd be getting my $4+ back for that one. Don't bother posting about it on social media, they'll just tell you WHAT A FUN SURPRISE!!!!!

  28. get your money back for sure they will give it to you. interesting thought because at the crumbl i am at its policy is to ask the customer if they think the cookies look okay to combat this type of thing.

  29. It was a delivery so I couldn’t check unfortunately but I did reach out to the store and they said they’d give me two free cookies!

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