1. OMG Porsche backed of its F1 plans. This is so shocking. How could anyone have seen this coming.

  2. Porsche backed out, because of their IPO, putting them under time pressure to close and announce the deal.

  3. The IPO is just a cash grab anyways lol

  4. Yes VAG will use 10 billion to further electrify their fleet.

  5. When Hungry & Serbia think you are nuts. Then you know you are fucked

  6. When Hungry & Serbia don’t follow your lead. Then you know you are nuts not paying them enough 💰 💰

  7. Ahahah ah. You probably don't understand politics. Russia lost the first war, but in the second there was an unconditional victory, all the rebels were eliminated. Russia is, has been and will be a great country! Glory to Russia !

  8. Have you forgotten who won the Second World War at the cost of 27 million lives? Thanks to whom do we still live?

  9. Are you already at the front? How many days of training did they give you? and did you need to bring your own tampons?

  10. TIL a government (Malaysia) became a sponsor for an F1 team

  11. Yeah, Kuala Lumpur was even a title sponsor for minardi a few years later.

  12. He just wanted you out of his city lmao

  13. It's a nice gesture by the players, but it would have been best for the national football associations to simply boycott the whole thing.

  14. Many national associations are greed orientated, some are even run by mafia.

  15. What do you think will be the consequences if found guilty?

  16. There is no side, no troll etc. Ukrania is just new Vietnam all over. USA have no allies, as Russia. Stop being a brick in the wall. Take some shrooms, listen to beatles and be clever.

  17. Ukraine is the new Vietnam sure, for the invading country which in this case is Russia. Lol

  18. This is more complicated, do you remember Maidan on 2014 ?

  19. Yes it’s very complicated for people who try to support Putins actions.

  20. I saw some post a couple days ago that they have to denounce the invasion in Georgia and acknowledge the illegality. Not sure if real tho

  21. Wtf were they supposed to say to not be guilty, admit it? Say nothing, which clearly is taken as an admission of guilt by the guy above you?

  22. It’s Russia. Whatever they do/say is to serve their own interests.

  23. You didn't answer me, ofc what they say is in their own interest, but you saying that them saying they didn't do it is a proof they actually did makes no sense.

  24. What they say is irrelevant at this point as they have lied so many times, even on things that were obvious to everybody.

  25. They must have something really big and/or paid him a large pile of cash.

  26. Some people are just cowards. He just want to look like a big boy, playing with big toys.

  27. Its not like East Germany is a gigantic success, do we really want something which is way worse? ...

  28. Most of enclaves residents are military personnel so after the war, not much will be left.

  29. Because Europe and US are heading into the recession, which drags the whole world down.

  30. So is everywhere getting hit harder by inflation than the US? Or is there not as much inflation in the US? Is the ECB more dovish than the Fed? Seems the USD is the odd one out here, even though Pound Sterling has decreased against the Euro as well.

  31. There is inflation in US, but fed is more flexible and can respond faster.

  32. Austria has temporary border checks with Hungary since 2015.

  33. Turkey was the (biggest) back door to avoid sanctions.

  34. Im heating exclusively with my ps4 with clogged fans.

  35. Gaming consoles are probably the most energy consuming things in normal households. Good job 👍

  36. When streaming videos they can consume up to 90 watts per hour, which is roughly 35-40x more then using Apple TV.

  37. So i can’t yet read the article but i assume anti-nato and anti-EU

  38. To summarise in other words, there are many Russians living in Czechia.

  39. Any LNG supplier. USA. UAE. Probably som places in South America.

  40. Markets hate uncertainty. This actually *increases* certainty, so I'm not sure how this would make them nervous.

  41. Absolutely. EU is already in situation where increased demands in say China or Japan (but mainly china due to their retarded lockdowns) can spiral gas prices, send them up and up. But saying "we won't pay more that X for gas" when price is above X just guarantees that no one will sell them.

  42. No, this has nothing to do with Poland. Poles will rather freeze then submit to Putin.

  43. Double points and revers starting grids at random races.

  44. I think they are really trying hardto make it obvious that Ron Dennis is not there anymore.

  45. There was an incident on the Russian Baltic Sea pipeline, as confirmed by the Danish shipping authority. The operator Gascade speaks of a sharp drop in pressure in the tube. An accident is considered unlikely. The timing of the accident suggests sabotage.

  46. Putin the great strategist: Let’s kill the pipeline, let Europe freeze to death! That will teach them!!

  47. I don’t disagree, most of the stories we’ve heard about Russians abusing refugees or driving around with Z’s and all that, they’ve been living in the West for years, or they were tourist. I can’t think of any confirmed instance where a Russian … I don’t want to call them refugees … draft dodger I guess? That they’ve done anything like that. Generally they’re more educated - they obviously follow outside news and know what’s happening and what getting sent there really means, thus they’re probably more anti putin than the typical Russian. I do think of all countries Russia borders, Georgia above all others should be closing their border. It’s only been 14 years since Russia literally invaded them, or 30-26 years since they unleashed the Abkhazians to ethnic cleans them.

  48. They can turn on their government

  49. It’s pretty ironic that Russian government was in 2015 spreading misinformation/propaganda/etc about Middle Eastern men overflowing Europe, pretending to be refugees when in fact they were ISIS terrorists.

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