My brother Ben leaves me voicemails about Satan. I made this one into a song called “Armagetten”

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  1. This is such a cool idea! Have you tried with mini beads, by chance?

  2. Omg. The zoom got me. Lol sorry. How big is this? 3”?

  3. This is so cool. What a nice idea to make a set of these. My favorite level was probably actually this one.

  4. Alarming. I think the other commenters are right about the pleco. What kind of camera do you have btw?

  5. Hi, these fish have been given to their new homes. Thanks anyway!

  6. Hi im in nyc would love to grab them, u come to nyc by any chance?

  7. I don’t have any plans to be out that way but if you are in ct in the near future lmk!

  8. You don’t happen to be in New England right, I have a pond waiting for him if you ever around.

  9. Where in New England? I have several commons I would like to rehome in CT

  10. Hello, I’m driving to NJ next weekend and I will have to go through CT. Are you still looking to rehome? If yes where about a are you? I’ll be cutting through RI and heading down the coast most likely

  11. Hey there. Thank you but I've found a home for them!

  12. 4847 2352 3668 can u add me my phones broke n won’t let me type peoples codes🙃

  13. ranchus with dorsal fins aren't specifically bred to look like that they usually are just deformed ranchu offspring passed off as yuan baos

  14. yeah I have learned that since the time this was posted :) thanks though

  15. Coast gem usa. Would not recommend. Every fish I’ve gotten from them has had issues

  16. Estimated Time of Arrival? Maybe you meant "e.g.", meaning roughly "for example"?

  17. Whatever happened to just "edit: blah blah blah"? Why are we making this more difficult and overloading vocabulary?

  18. I’d love to see pics of your setup. Sounds really cool

  19. Cut and dry. It’s cut and dried (like flowers or hay)

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