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  1. another comment said that the cat is paralyzed and this is the process where the cat is learning to walk or something

  2. aw poor kitty being injured but also based that hes better now

  3. I have dont have too many friends bc my ex ruined my friendships with most of them, so the ones i have rn are certified real ones. he later went on to lose all the friends he manipulated into avoiding me, so now he only has pity friends and he deserves in honestly

  4. see if im moving left/left hand side of the screen i use the index but if im going right or on the right side i use my middle

  5. Bro queen is the most mid band, replace it with like microphones or something

  6. sorry i couldn't look at your face i was a bit distracted

  7. bear claws have frosting on them don't they? that seems like a pretty clear point of distinction

  8. they generally haveglaze, and crassonts have shiny butter so they look similar

  9. To be fair, settling out of court is not necessarily an admission or implication of guilt. Sometimes going to court is more expensive even if they win the case. Not saying Musk is innocent, just saying just payment is not proof.

  10. maybe hell just give himself a dick tatoo so that it seems like she didnt know what it looked like

  11. why would u make a statue of someone so unpopular u have to take a precation like that

  12. I hate saying it but this uses the Appeal to Nature fallacy. One could use the same argument in an attempt to justify rape, alternative medicine, etc.

  13. yeah but its the same arguments transphobes use. this one is just as valid as the "trans isnt in nature" thing so (both wrong as fuck btw)

  14. ok so all are girlbosses except biden, who is a war criminal bitch

  15. im not lonley or somth i just want u to say silly things to me

  16. a) he probably just put it there because he lives in southern united states and has no idea the true meaning, like 90% of the people who use it

  17. god, enlightened ultra atheists are one of my favorite flavors

  18. But what if op believes that to be the truth, what if their belief is that Mary did exist, and did birth Christ, but only because she cheated on Joseph and then used God as an excuse? I mean, if that’s what they believe, that’s what they believe, there is no good way to sugarcoat that.

  19. Offensive to who? The “Virgin” Mary, who is beyond dead? To God, who probably doesn’t exist? Or to Christians, who let’s be honest, would be just as offended by a post saying “I think God is a dick” or “God isn’t real.” If we truly place the bar for too far when it comes to jokes at insulting a single, long dead woman, then no joke that even begins to creep even an inch to edginess could be acceptable. 99% of the jokes that fuel this subreddit would themselves all be too offensive, in some cases by actual orders of magnitude assuming that joking about more dead people makes it worse times that number of dead people. There is a bar for what is too far for a joke, insulting an important figure in Christianity is not that bar.

  20. i think it should be. agree to disagree i guess. i feel like you would understand why a joke like that would be offensive if you had a better understanding of Christianity. i suppose think of it like this (i know its not a perfect analogy but i feal like it gets the point): if somebody had a great grandma they were very proud of who was like their role model or something, and somebody who only slightly knew about this persons family history wanted to be edgy and was like "wow your great grandma sounds like she was a lying whore lol" it would be really offensive even tho the great grandma wouldnt have her feeling hurt. Its offensive because that persons great grandma was really important to them

  21. I graduated with a 1.7 lmao. Wish I would have put in the effort because it easily been a 3 or better

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