1. Why are you worried about delta 8 availability and price when you live in Oregon? You can trade with me out here in ohio if you want lol

  2. nope just means they aren't delivering it today it should update tonight and say it's coming tomorrow

  3. Alright cool. Would I be able to go grab it myself today if I wanted to ?

  4. I don't think so, it's going to get delivered tomorrow. They don't actually have it put aside for pickup, it's just usps tracking being shit

  5. I kind of got that vibe too when I went in there to ask for it . He was just like UHHHHHHHHHH... welll.. what's your address? And it took him a few minutes to find and grab it but I got it. All is good lol

  6. Been interested in these and there concentrates. Saw there go up to like 20% on the waxes. Haven't seen enough reviews to pull the trigger tho. I think I saw one person complain about the wax having a metallic Kinda taste. Plus I feel the prices should be lowered just a bit . But that's me

  7. I have only had the Alpen Gleaux cbd wax from Arete but I’ve dealt with Arete for years. They one of our Hemp Flower Enthusiasts website vendors. Ppl don’t post much cause of their past. Ppl were discussing these thca carts for a bit but the first release had crystallization issues, so they came out with a second release and no issues there. It’s not too difficult to melt the crystallization tho. Oven at 170 degrees for 4-6min and good as new. This one tho I had zero issues with. Yeah somethings Arete has is pricey but that’s their prices and their business. Gotta catch a deal like some places.

  8. Not really interested in the carts but the wax, the only thing I haven't been able to find from this group is good wax. I jumped on rush's THCA to try it out , hopefully that's as advertised. If aretes wax seems to hit harder/ spicier then the THCA % advertised is try it out but I literally see nothing about it . And I have a feeling those low of numbers won't really get the job done , because I'm buying flower out of here that's claimed to be stronger.

  9. Probably illegal. I know here in ohio it's a misdemeanor if your caught only growing 1 plant for "personal" use up to a certain size/ weight. I have a grandmother who has been growing her personal "Japanese tomato plant" every year since I was a baby. Right in her front yard, all you'd have to do is walk up her stairs and look because her fence doesn't even come to her waist. She's never had a problem and she's always got a good stash to share with us when we all come over to visit. So I would just look up all of your states laws on personal hemp and/ or marijuana cultivation to figure out which way you want to go to make sure you're the safest you can be within the law

  10. Ya she was born in Uruguay too and I believe they were the first country to fully legalize

  11. Added some +1's. Hope that helps 😉. Glad you were able to get in touch with him. Have a lovely day!

  12. It’s getting downvoted because we all know how rush works, Ryan is a small scale operation and you said you ordered on Friday? I know we all are used to our Amazon prime shipping but with this stuff it’s worth the wait

  13. This is my first experience with rush, since I've been active in the sub I believe this is the first drop I've seen. I've only heard reviews about the blueberry and kush mints. My main vendors since being active in here have been eight horses and flow , and a few others . So I was just spoiled on the speeds of their operations. I haven't been here long enough to know the struggle that's been ensued by all you guys from the beginning. When it probably wasn't as easy as it is now .

  14. I sent both rush and ocoee messages about my orders, awaiting reply's for both.

  15. Ocoee didn't respond to my email about my tracking info but the order finally updated to in transit. Rush is still to be heard from

  16. I would think so , I'm a vet smoker and strains like b Mac that have less THCA than C4 got me right. I'm pretty sure C4 has a decent amount of terps too so you should be good. I actually just grabbed some about to try it for the first time.

  17. It’ll show. Sometimes it takes time. I ordered the next day after I made this order and that order still has yet to show.

  18. I've only been active in this sub for about a year, maybe just under so I've only had experience with places like arete , 8hh , and flow. And I don't think I've ever had to wait longer than 3 days total for the whole package and just a few hours for shipping. I've just been spoiled lol. Actually ordered from 8hh today and the package in already in transit not even 6 hours later.

  19. 8hh is literally the quickest at shipping

  20. Your not kidding. Wilted was actually pretty quick on the cake .

  21. Also not showing in informed delivery for me either.

  22. Same thing for me , no informed delivery or any shipping info from the vendor. And I ordered priority too

  23. I honestly don’t even look at it just overheard people in dispo asking for the highest % and I’m like that shit don’t matter or maybe I’m just weak smoker lol

  24. No it's not that it doesn't matter it's just there's more to factor in than THC content. I've seen bud with 30% and little to no terps. All coughing , barely any nose to it and was not enjoyable at all.

  25. I've stopped honestly, I go by word of mouth , reviews or bud tenders recommended anymore. Too many times have I bought based on the packaging percentage And it has done me wrong .

  26. Has anyone tried to ask for any tests or COAs for proof ?

  27. This makes 0 sense. There has to be some minute form of d9. I don’t trust 78% one bit.

  28. Maybe it's still possibly under .3? Either way we need more info how this was done

  29. Ya best I've seen it here so far is just under an eighth for about 150-160. Believe it or not prices have fluctuated a little bit , just not as fast as we all would like. That being said I have my card and I still don't buy extracts from ohio dispensaries.

  30. I got 14g for 185 one time I think that was pretty good

  31. Get 10 oz for a hundred you can make a shit ton of concentrate with that compared to a normal 100 dollar oz

  32. I’d buy a pound and make edibles to have a party with friends like once a month

  33. It’s awesome , tastes great. Got it along with wedding cake from WF and some OG. I think this goes number 2 under the WC for me

  34. Mine said it was supposed to be delivered today. But I don’t think it will get here until Monday. I ordered OG Kush to. How’s it smoking.

  35. Smokes good for me , just not that strong of a smell. A few leafy pieces here and there and I was kinda surprised at how big the Shem was in my largest bud , but either way it’s working well for me . I’ve actually stopped buying from the dispensary and only going cult for a while because cutting out gas and taxes almost makes prices online comparable and sometimes cheaper. I honestly don’t think it’s PGR, But what do I know.

  36. This stuff is killer, as soon as I got it out of the vacuum seal bag , before I got any bud out it smelled up my whole apartment. And I was actually surprised , I got pretty lit off of one good sized bong. I actually didn’t smoke for another hour or so after that because the buzz was so nice, can’t remember the last time a strain had that much of an effect on me . Even from a dispensary. Well done wilted well done

  37. Hope it can stay around for another week, I’m all tapped out this week off of OG , sunny d and wedding cake . Considered it but the shipping is just too much for me atm . Can’t wait to see reviews though .. still very interested

  38. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to try it myself on the 23rd if it's still there fingers crossed

  39. That’s what I’m saying . Just wait a little longer lol

  40. Indica and sativa only have to do with physical attributes of the plant. Like small vs big leaves, tall and skinny vs short n bushy. Etc. it has nothing to do with the effects the plant will give you , especially now since the majority of stuff is grown inside in a controlled environment and is probably just hybrid anyway

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