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  1. It’s not dangerous at all but that might not work for you personally. If you are concerned about failing to quit it might be best to taper off and use less and less weekly/daily. I think it depends on yourself and how much you typically smoke.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tips you’ve found. A lot of these are really helpful but I feel as though some are just personal opinion, which is fine. We all enjoy and get different things out of the game.

  3. having weeds grow when you forgot to bring a rake also kills your sanity

  4. Give the gardener some rakes, spades and dibbers & your good there. I forget to “bring” a rake but my boy has 100 rakes on hand for me.

  5. Noob question: Does a higher farming level have any impact on harvest?

  6. How do you guys kill wyrms?

  7. I found stabbing slightly faster than range. Depending on how many ppots I want to use I pick my setup accordingly. If you’re lucky you’ll get the dsword as a drop from them to upgrade your weapon.

  8. Meanwhile you got the reverse also with guys lower already low cars so make sure they can just be ramped by these trucks.

  9. Sounds like prep work for Mad Max… when the world goes to shit these clowns will be laughing in their raised trucks with searchlights and harpoons.

  10. Bring 3 tank items and pray mage and a defense prayer, then 1 tick your bones. If someone attacks you, ignore them and keep 1 ticking. People that pk there suck and you'll be able to finish your inventory before they kill you pretty much every time.

  11. That’s seriously more effort than just walking to ectofuntus.

  12. It’s funny though - getting killed with big bones so many times ruined an opportunity to convince me to bring more expensive bones. The wild is a weird place to me.

  13. Kill Unicows instead. Tell her that you are destroying evil..

  14. When it comes to arbitrary definitions like early/mid/late game, you're going to get a lot of answers. And personally, I don't differentiate between a first time or returning player, there's not much point imo.

  15. There are definitely some easier and some harder diaries, as well as some pointless and very helpful rewards.

  16. I’ll defend your right to your opinion from their butter knives no worries!

  17. I personally don't understand how people do stuff like that and enjoy the game they're playing. I've just thought about buying bonds in the past and decided "No, it would ruin the point of the game if I did that"

  18. I think for them the point changed from playing and having fun, to making money and becoming a constant source of income. If they aren’t banned why would they stop? Might as well start a business and capitalize on it. (Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with or know any gold sellers/buyers)

  19. i know which post youre talking about, i think it just blew up because you said you went dry on everything and someone found your post saying you got spooned at CG too.

  20. Hey! I don’t think I’ve seen your posts but whatever you achieved isn’t small. I know some people make it seem that way (speaking from experience posting here) but every achievement is one step closer to - maxing, quest cape, diaries, etc.

  21. Haha thanks man. I haven't really posted anything to this sub as far as achievements go. Usually just a question here or there and most of the time everyone's super friendly. My negative experiences have specifically came from the discord. For instance I just got mage cape last week after putting it off for a while, but posted a screenshot in discord saying finay. Didn't warrant its own post but I thought a comment in the discord was fine. Someone made a backhanded comment about it being a shit cape or something and I was like yeah most of the time I just use ardy 2 cape since it's so good for the early game. Dudes response was "that's nice that you think so but that's not a good cape." I was like a free cape with unlimited teles to an altar, close to fairy rings, and gives a prayer bonus...? He goes "that's nice that you like it but it's not good for any of that. Like wtf lol

  22. That’s exactly the types of responses that boggle my mind.

  23. Amazing, I want to see a full set in this theme. It’s creepy and poignant. I love it

  24. I saw a guy earlier with range void and a pink salve on. Poor guy must've been really struggling at Vorkath. I told him about it and everything but never got a response.

  25. Might be playing muted for all we know and just doing their own thing. They seem dedicated though, Good for them

  26. It's not the weed that is doing it, it's you who is doing it. You're actively choosing not to do the things you feel you need to do. Instead of blaming weed for your problems, try actually fixing a few of them. Literally do the smallest thing you can do to improve every day and it will build up over time.

  27. It sounds a little rough but this is very good advice that I myself will be taking.

  28. I’m proud of you. You’ve achieved so much in little time, congrats bro. Keep pushing it and get those upgrades!

  29. Imagine it was Jagex running the bot farms all along.

  30. The thing is, Jagex can only release so much content. Gotta make it last by giving it more drops. People gonna Finish ToA in 3 months then say: Where raids 4.

  31. Endgame players really do have it rough eh lol

  32. Sorry, that was basically dark grey and nowhere near steel. Try hex #E5E7E7 it’s much closer, in my honest opinion.

  33. I didn't know about a Forthos altar, I'll look into it. And I've been doing my ectopic dailies but I think it said it would take another 3 months of dragon bones to hit 70.

  34. If you don’t already, collect ensouled heads too. Those add up to a lot of prayer xp and can be used immediately if you have the runes and are on the spellbook.

  35. Yeah, I keep the heads I get from slayer tasks, even the ones I can't use yet. I have about 15 dragon heads, a couple elf heads, and I don't recall what else right now. I want to eventually spend a day using magic to deal with my slayer tasks.

  36. I noticed you said you do daily ecto, have you considered doing more than just the daily’s?

  37. As someone who has always hated themselves, this makes me feel better for some reason.

  38. I’m sorry, I should have put Steve there too. I had one job….

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