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  1. Why wouldn't you kill the higher level golems, curiously?

  2. It's a bug happened due to last weeks updated. It should be fixed by this weeks update on Wednesday.

  3. The game isn't demanding you to play for 24/7. Play it at your own place and you can eventually save up for what you need. Progression is slow and you can only be as good as you push yourself to be.

  4. Yes. Mmorpg/ Curtis is one of them. I believe only one symbol shows; I think the Pmod symbol takes priority.

  5. What was the payout like; were they splits or FFA's?

  6. This missed one crucial detail: An ice barrage sfx.

  7. Thank you, that would seem to be the problem. I was so confused.

  8. No problem. Hop on over to the Runelite Discord; normally if there's something going wrong, a majority of players will talk about it, as advice.

  9. I cant load the link to Runelites discord. It just loads endlessly.

  10. It might work later, since the provider(?) is having problems. Here's a link to the

  11. It's a current bug due to a recent update. It's planned to be fixed next week.

  12. Do you have any chat filters on? Look there.

  13. That would be the HD plugin; rendering issues(?) if you can call it that.

  14. Someone, somewhere has made some major stonks today.

  15. Most likely a mix between balance and time. While you could sweat out a combat 99 relatively quickly, being locked behind that time investment is rather cumbersome, especially if you're an ironman tagigng along with raids and such.

  16. I thoroughly enjoy the rework of The blast mine, upper/lower levels of the Lovakite mines and the geography that you've done. It doesn't stick out so harshly with the open lava pools everywhere, admittedly they are a bit of an eyesore. The New station would be quite nice too. Perhaps a new quest could be made for the transport system from Keldagrim to Lovakengj

  17. Pretty much in the same boat. It's batshit insane how TreeClined was able to get full inquisitor here. One mistake and you're either dead or within the 1-shot zone.

  18. I find the south spot in the knee-deep territory of the spiders somewhat less cumbersome. It's a guaranteed lure, so you don't have to force Callisto by walking underneath 'em like you do in this video.

  19. I mean... We had Shattered league which extended into March, so that's 3 months, Nex was also released a couple weeks before that.

  20. Theoretically possible, yes. Since you're able to get groot from Tithe farm, I'd see no reason why it'd be restricted.

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