1. Суржик та калька непотрібна, навіть якщо розповсюджені - мотлох.

  2. О, написання "не", цей вічний бич клопотунів за "чистоту мови"...

  3. А я чула, що «дуже дякую» також нерекомендована конструкція, бо слово «дуже» рідко вживають з дієсловами. Тобто, щиро/ґречно дякую тощо стилістично кращі варіанти. Але не можу згадати джерело.

  4. А коли вам кудись треба швидко дістатися, ви як поспішаєте, дуже чи ґречно?

  5. It's about text being rendered without any shadows/outline on Windows 7. This update fixed it.

  6. You wrote the same thing? "to offer" instead of "to offer" :/

  7. Writing "предложити" instead of "запропонувати" is like writing "to predlozhytter" instead of "to offer".

  8. Do y'all know you can create new tabs in the chat panel? I have one set up that's just player messages for this exact reason.

  9. Unfortunately, I already have full set of custom chat tabs for other things...

  10. Well athletes also get a bit more leeway at times than your average Joe because the country needs them for sportswashing. Always a touchy subject really but it's not as simple as "if they're opposed they're dead". Russia wants those medals and if they have to eat some minor dissent it is usually looked over, be it Russia or Iran or Eastern Germany in the past. North Korea would be different but they have no shot at beating their main enemy in the medal count anyway.

  11. Why do you think they have to dope their athletes so much to get their gold medals? Because there’s a much smaller pool of candidates who are physically able to become competitive AND be reliant to shut the f up on stage about any “inconvenient” topics. At least, this pool is much smaller compared to democratic countries with free speech. That’s why the first question when they pick their Olympic candidates is “can we trust this guy”, not “does he have the potential to be the best”, because they know they can always “help them succeed” with a lil injection of “vitamins” or whatnot.

  12. If Russia valued individual athletes, it would put stop to Eteri Tutberidze's methods. It doesn't.

  13. Imperialism is one hell of a drug.

  14. I wouldn't say so. Crows here have grey body and ravens do not live here. So those black big birds are rooks.

  15. I think it's more likely they are jackdaws.

  16. This word I see for the first time. And it means галка. No, those are not jackdaws who are smaller and have partially grey feathers. Although they are present in our cities in much smaller quantities. But mostly we have these rooks. I've checked with 2 dictionaries and they both translate грач as rook.

  17. Keep in mind that at these distances all dark birds look black, and jackdaws aren't so diffferent in size form the rooks that you could tell it from a distance like this. And the bird sounds in this video sound exactly like a flock of jackdaws coming home after a long day.

  18. A small note on formal "ви". In a middle of a sentence, it's capitalized only when addressing one specific person in things like greeting cards, invitations, very official letters etc.

  19. Warm air holds more moisture though. to avoid mould you need to keep the humidity down - airing once a day really helps with that, and the temp above the dew point, which is around 13 degrees iirc.

  20. It's about relative humidity, not absolute. And dew point is not a static value that's the same at all times, it depends on current moisture content.

  21. Going by my memory of older textbooks, there used to be an animacy distinction, -ові/-еві for animated and -у/-ю for inanimated nouns; then it got loosened to "-ові/-еві is for people, -у/-ю for everything rest"; and now it's just alternative forms to be used at your preference.

  22. They keep throwing their cannon fodder on our guns. The current uptick is from their prison-to-wagner pipeline, I think.

  23. Oh, they didn't remove it like the rest of the holiday food?

  24. Somehow mass arrests didn't stop Ukrainians, not in 2004 and not in 2014. Even special police literally opening fire on the protesters did not stop Ukrainian protests. Doesn't seem to be stopping Irainians, either. It's almost as if it's not about fear of arrests.

  25. The difference is Ukraine has always been a democracy, and Russia never was. There is no financial or policial support for the anti war movement. It’s hard to organize because social media is tapped, and you don’t know who to trust. When I call my mom at work (we’re Russian, ive lived in the US for the last 15 years), she can’t even talk about what’s going on because she’s afraid someone might overhear and rat on her. Most progressive people who could afford it left already. There are independent journalists working in places like Tbilisi trying to spread the word about what’s really happening and what it means. Maidan also had a fraction of police force compared to 340000 rosgvardia troops armed to the teeth, Putin has been investing in his war machine for years. People are scared, and for good reason. For “discrediting the military” you’re facing a prison sentence of like 3 years. But most importantly, there is no actual opposition and no support of the elites to pull a coup. Nobody wants to take over! Every opposition has been jailed or killed. Marching on kremlin demanding Putin resigns or whatever that people ask for every day, what do they hope it will achieve? Putin is not Yanukovich, he is not a puppet he’s an insane, power drunk dictator with 20+ years of experience. That dude is not leaving until he is dead. But who’s gonna kill him? Even if people don’t support him or the war, in a situation where people have nothing, and more things are taken away from them every day as the walls close around them, they’re more likely to hold on to the little they’ve got and laying even lower rather than protesting or fighting back. What happened over the past decade or so is people were so poor they depend largely on the government to provide, and they remained “apolitical” because it was enough and it was fairly docile. It’s also lack of education in smaller towns and villages. Putin has raised him a large population of dependents who have grown to trust and depend on him, for better or worse. Some genuinely think he’s great and right, some don’t really have an option because they’re that poor. Propaganda is everywhere, I don’t think people who live or grew up in an actual democracy understand how horribly powerful it is. Its like when people only watch Fox News and create a whole other reality in their head that they firmly believe in. It’s a horrendous situation and to me as a Russian it’s deeply embarrassing and painful, my parents do not support the war and neither do I, and watching some of my former classmates or people I know turn into Nazis is really sad and disheartening. I have a friend in Dnipro, the city that just had a rocket fall on a residential building, and I don’t even know what to say to him. It’s just awful. I feel like until this fucker dies it’ll just be this bloodbath

  26. When we Ukrainians were protesting, Russians mocked our protests. Every fucking time. "Look at those maidanutye khokhols, maidaning there!" yes, they made a whole new slur to mock our protests!

  27. Oh, there's also вві, уві, ві... TLDR old Slavonic had one preposition for this, but Ukrainian language decided to mutate it into a whole bunch of variations because it doesn't like too many vowels in row or too many consonants in a row.

  28. Same as у/в. some may be more rarely used nowadays than others.

  29. Remains to be seen. Sometimes they dig them to the ground and also link between themselves. There might be mines coupled with them

  30. Russia's previous attempt at the dragon's teeth:

  31. How did they get them up there?


  33. Can anyone explain to me HOW on mother earth Russians are showing up for their draft???? Like literally its a death sentence and it sounds like they are marching in willingly to slaughter and rape women and kids in Ukraine. I know Russian doctrine is to throw bodies at it till its won but at some point Id stare down the barrel and pull! it's unwinnable and Russia knows it.

  34. Most of them live in the media space dominated by state propaganda. It paints a picture about a just war they are bravely fighting against evil nazis that threaten their borders. They are persuaded that the war goes slow because their army's priority is saving lives on both sides of the conflict. They don't realize that showing up for the draft is basically a death sentence. They think they'll be back as heroes before long. When they realize the truth, it's already too late.

  35. There's a Russian joke that if Russians were ordered to attend their own execution by hanging in a week and to bring their own rope and soap, their only complaint would be about long queues in supplies stores and high prices of soap.

  36. Such a pity Wladyslaw IV and Sahaidachny didn't burn it down that one time.

  37. THis is your third post in 20 hours here whining about mean redditors hating Germany, with the larger break between them looking suspiciously like "and then you went to bed". Are you going to make these every two hours while you are awake?

  38. Would you punch putin in the face if he was right in front of you strapped to a chair?

  39. No. I would call SSU instead. They are definitely better at punching than I am.

  40. Great info thanks. I'm trying to learn Ukrainian and you have to cuss properly! 😁

  41. Devoicing of the final consonants is a feature of Russian language. In Ukrainian final voiced consonants stay voiced.

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