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  1. I dont get why the hardcores hate it so much. Theyll never use LFR and it won't take one single Mythic level lewt drop away from them. They literally never have to interact with those dirty casuals who only ever LFR.

  2. You Forgot knives. We like all kinds of knives. Kitchen knives. Camping & hunting knives l. Grilling knives. Pocket knives. Tactical knives. Really anything sharp enough to do something stupid with!

  3. Really good grouping. Im a fan of all of them. Keep up the good work

  4. Best bet is decide how much you think you'll want in retirement and how old you want to be when you retire. If you love what you do that could be 65 or even older. Or you could want to be retired by 34 and live a life of travel and experiences. Depending on those answers you can determine what your nest egg will need to be, and then its all about putting the plan together to achieve the goal.

  5. You guys need to come to a bills home game. Come early. Tailgate. The exuberant chaos in the parking lots is glorious. And the hot dogs & burgers by grill are so much better than the ones inside the stadium

  6. Is there motorhome parking? At least will it stay clean/safe? 😂. We bought a motorhome this year and I'm trying to find good places to tailgate. Did OSU back on the 12th. Next year I'd like to hit a bunch of games in Cle, OSU, Buffalo.

  7. Sure is. Lots of people bring rv's its nice for the bathroom lol

  8. Yes you still should invest. Not only are you not guaranteed to die early. But on the science and tech side the amount of breakthroughs in Healthcare over the next 10-20 years is going to look like science fiction.

  9. I guess he just will have to comfort himself by throwing his remaining $200B on his bed so he can spoon with it on cold, lonely nights

  10. Mailbox. Eventually. You get it all back

  11. Might as well. Make no-twat December a thing. 😁

  12. He really has it down. My personal 4 ETF’s are SCHD, DGRO, JEPI, MLPA. I don’t personally care to capture the whole market. But those 4 funds cover just about everything I care to cover.

  13. I've been investing for a while as well and the longer I go the more it's about just having a few ETFs that cover everything I want to cover. I used to have around 100 to 110 single stocks - nothing wild just dividend kings and aristocrats and mega companies i believe in longterm like tesla or nvidia. But it was exhausting. Paying attention to all the earnings reports every three months.. watching for dividend cuts or raises. Not to mention how slowly the positions went up because even large sums invested get small when they're divided 110 different ways.

  14. You don't need to get too wild. A five fund pie of VTI, VGT, VXUS, SCHD and JEPI will get you a blend of dividends, growth and dividend CAGR while between vti and vxus alone you've more or less got every single publicly traded company on the planet diversified. If you're not a fan of JEPI or the covered call dividend etfs replace it with DGRO to complete the five fund pie.

  15. Only people who play healers respect them while playing dps. I always stand in cuddle puddles and stack for aoe heals. I also pride myself on taking as close to zero damage as possible so I don't waste the healers mana or globals. I do what DBM tells me to and I avoid all the avoidable mechanics. I even heal myself if possible.

  16. Given your tantrums and BS? I honestly don't care You're the one wasting more time then the shit hunter or overconfident warrior by trying to make ultimatums in the middle of a leveling dungeon, timewalker or low grade mythic

  17. Awe you're adorable. If you're ever in content with me I will let you die standing in the fire 😁

  18. Yup credit unions are the best. Theyre actually in the business of banking rather than all the nonsense big short shenanigans that the publicly traded national and international for profit banks do. Your local credit union isn't doing mortgages for you because they want to package your mortgage with 50,000 other mortgages so they can sell derivatives of that debt instrument to pension funds on the bond markets at a markup... the credit union is issuing you a mortgage because they think you're a good investment and because its their job as a credit union

  19. Thats genius. Manipulate 9 strangers into effectively carrying you to the exact loot you want - just because you were willing to spend 15 minutes spamming in chat that you're forming a group haha. You deserve all the rings of power

  20. Better business bureau. File a complaint.

  21. Not really. Most homeless are unfortunately either crazy or hopelessly addicted to drugs/ alcohol. Giving free money to those populations isn't going to magically fix them

  22. Steal stuff from work. They owe you. Take a few thick filet mignons for yourself

  23. Take up golf? You can be active without working. If you want a job just fill out an application. You don't need a proper resume for low pay customer service gigs. They just need warm bodies that will show up, not steal everything and won't punch customers or sexually harass coworkers. Just fill it out. Tell them you're semi retired and looking to keep active - and stress that you have a working vehicle and will show up 100% of the time your scheduled.

  24. Jesus if its breaking now imagine what a shit show expansion launch day will be hahaha

  25. That its an aristocrat or king, and has a high dividend CAGR so I know ill compound faster. One such company is APD - air products. They grow the dividend like 12% to 15% annually and its an aristocrat.

  26. Wait til you learn those cheesy dollar store padlocks won't keep the camel spiders out 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Have some fun with it. Stick it out til black Friday. Show up black Friday. Then screw a bunch of stuff up and just leave without telling anybody. Bring some padlocks from home and lock stuff up. Download a fart app onto your phone and then play fart sounds over the store speakers. Be creative they already said you wouldn't get rehired. And let's be honest retail jobs - or any customer service jobs - are a dime a dozen.

  28. Thats them only trying to use their brand's motor credit. Tell them to use your bank/credit union. Just because its a Ford dealership doesnt mean you're forced to use Ford motor credit ... the dealer probably gets a kickback if they push customers into the company car notes. Try telling them either use your bank or you'll go elsewhere.

  29. How the heck did multiple babies come out of that?

  30. When I space out and miss my exit. Just happened yesterday. Had to go 5 miles down further in the opposite direvtion to get off and back on heading the right way. I felt like a dumbass lol

  31. How. Diesel fuel is $6+/gallon now. Most container ships run on diesel. The semi trucks that haul the containers to and from the ports also run on diesel. I get that the costs aren't what they were a year ago.. but it still costs so much more for overall shipping. Someone somewhere is cooking the numbers somehow

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