Cancer Cells Being Brutally Destroyed By Genetically Engineered T-cells

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  1. If she’s been licking herself lately, could be fur in her throat, in which just give her some treats or something to wash it down.

  2. I’ve caught my neighbors talking about my lawn on my Ring camera: The Father In Law was scolding his 50 something SIL for not taking care of his lawn and letting a “kid” (I’m in my 30s) make him look lazy.

  3. Should be asking how did that donkey get his man up that mountain

  4. America's latest tech vs Russia would be a total massacre. F-35s, LRASM, PrSM (when it arrives next year), B-21 Raider and the new hypersonic missile a few years from now would wipe Russian forces like a dishrag.

  5. Oh yeah - I’ve always known US Military tech is top of the line, but to see it being used by a secondary country vs supposedly a very powerful country is absolutely mind boggling.

  6. I mean - I would and do when I can but this is a post about American ordinance so 💁‍♂️

  7. Oh no - I’m just an older millennial that had far too much coffee this morning

  8. First time I’ve ever been called “Old man” lmao

  9. I’m probably going to get crunched for this but Barrio 💯 As long as they have the Reaper Sauce

  10. But …… but if you’re legal/from another country and an American citizen - You’re American therefore - He is home - SMDH

  11. When I got the notification, I read, "slut" at first. Imagine my disappointment, then joy...

  12. With like, really dramatic music as they casually wiggle in seemingly random directions.

  13. I do not have one and have a 6ft privacy fence in Galloway, but I think it is a necessity in this area 😅

  14. Let’s get some “Mozart - Lacrimosa” dubbed on this video

  15. Seconding this, this is too niche to do numbers on

  16. You know what - I think your opponent might be correct, and people can correct me if I am wrong here:

  17. The scenario takes place during Upkeep, not Untap.

  18. Right - Nothing except for untapping takes place during that phase, as detailed in the article I’ve provided.

  19. I literally made a JOKING comment about the possibility of people freaking out about using German and Germany last month - Never in my life did I think I’d see people actually get triggered by it….

  20. Lacrimosa means "weeping". Incidentally, this composition (in my opinion, his greatest) was only an eight bar sketch when he died, three of those bars are used in this meme. Do find and listen to the next four bars, they are mind blowing.

  21. Been on repeat since I’ve discovered the name brothaman

  22. Could you refuse delivery to places that could pose a health risk?

  23. I think everyone across the board got hit with higher bills (unless on budget or some other plan) It's been not only a lot hotter but, a lot more humid too which causes things like window air conditioners and central air to work harder thus, creating higher bills. Some people were shocked because we had a short stint of no electric for days (which completely sucked) they thought their bills would be lower. It's the overall usage and of course, increased rates across the board. I almost hit the floor when I saw my most recent bill. Expected higher but, not that high!

  24. For my fellow 40K fans: Basically how the Drukhari are

  25. I'm pretty sure every programmer did it at some point. I think I did it twice. Nothing serious happened though as noone noticed it.

  26. Lmfao - Nice dude. What was your reaction when you discovered that or did someone else find it?

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