1. It is annoying but it’s actually been proven to help really little kids learn how to talk.

  2. Omg pls link!! Do you know similar leggings without logo? lol

  3. Apparently I'm learning there's multiple A's so I guess it's just a few people who know their secrets and once they figure them out they're no longer a threat since they figure out how to get rid of them or make these people disappear. I just thought they were all holding a false identity until they reveal the actual person, but doesn't seem that way. If it's the way I believe. We've already seen a couple of A's

  4. There are definitely multiple A’s. Should finish the series. The spin-offs are not as good as the original.

  5. Literally the first thing I noticed. I could see it immediately

  6. Interesting because lately a lot of my listings have been getting removed and flagged as counterfeit or illegal items when they absolutely are not it’s just random cheap like Victoria’s Secret bran and target brand stuff.

  7. I legit could look up porn on school computers and they did nothing but someone searched baby names and that threw up red flags and got the administration in to chat with us about proper computer use. Also in my website design class we would run halo lan tournaments off of flash drives.

  8. Something I learned from my therapist also is how childhood ptsd from abuse or neglect can practically mimic autism, it can be very hard for doctors to distinguish between the two sometimes. That’s something those TikTok’s never mention. I think it’s important if you’re seeing a lot of these videos to bring it up with your doctor, but actually a lot of doctors are quick to dismiss the possibility of autism to it can be difficult to get tested for it especially as an adult.

  9. Children often mimic the environment they're raised in.. totally possibly. Personally speaking, I was an asshole until I left my toxic parents in the dust. Don't give up hope on her just yet

  10. Yeah I was a horrible person until 21 when I moved out on my own and got away from the influence of my toxic family

  11. Ok. I deleted and came back. That’s def a child’s leg there to the right. With swim trunks. In a slide he said it’s a private hot tub. Where’s JjD? Did she fly in w the fam and get a private room & Ali and John intrude on their private hotel? Lol

  12. That would make sense if she was staying at the more expensive hotel and either let them stay with her or they’re just using the pool and going back to their hotel

  13. We know a family whose son (at his 4th bday party) slipped and hit his head on the edge of the pool and fell in. The parents didn’t get him out in time (mind you, both parents were/are medical professionals and the most responsible people around) couldn’t get him out in time. He died a week later. I’ll never understand why people refuse to take water safety seriously.

  14. At his own party?! Holy cow that just made me super sad. I’m so sorry about your friend

  15. But seriously... Why is Florida so fucked up? Other than orange juice and NASA, is there anything positive that happens in Florida?

  16. Actually the ecology of Florida is remarkable due to its climate and diverse ecological regions. From the northwestern panhandle to the Everglades, differences in hydrology, climate, landforms, soil types, flora, and fauna shape each ecoregion, creating a complex and unique landscape that has been recognized as a global biodiversity hotspot.

  17. David has such little, beady eyes. It's weird.

  18. I saw a comment once that said he activates my fight or flight and I think about that every time now

  19. It’s a heavy hint towards divine intervention so that many more people could share in the memory of this person.

  20. This is so interesting, like I couldn’t sleep and i normally would not be up this time of night but I open Reddit and this is the first thing I see. My mom recently passed away and so did someone else close to me and I lost my best friend to suicide in 2019 so this story has me really emotional. It feels like there is a reason we are all reading about Danny right now.

  21. I think the word you are looking for is townhome/condo.

  22. My account got banned and all my listings removed for selling “counterfeit items” literally nothing I had was counterfeit or even anything anyone would want to counterfeit it was low priced like target sort of stuff. I can only imagine another seller is mass reporting to prevent competition otherwise idk how that could’ve happened

  23. How do you do that? Will it tell you who reported you? I was super confused because nothing in my closet was counterfeit or even over like $25

  24. Omg I’m the same way! I will frequently just stop right before the last episode

  25. Have you seen play it again dick? There are a lot of scenes with Cassidy’s ghost. Not sure if that’s grieving necessarily but it was cool to see.

  26. yeah... guys that like D&D, audrey hepburn, fangoria, harry houdini, and croquet but do not know how to swim and do karate.

  27. I love these sort of foods as long as there’s no “skin” texture like a tomato skin or a bell pepper skin or even like a green onion or something like that it will make me gag and probably throw up if I get a bite of something like that.

  28. My best friend was a hardcore gamer, he took his life 3 years ago. This hits like a brick and I wish he could have seen it too.

  29. My best friend died by suicide 3 years ago as well. I’m sorry for your loss and sad that it’s so common

  30. When did school lunches decline health-wise? Or were they ever "healthy"? I was in grade school (public) in the early 90s and the food we were served was absolutely not healthy. Just sad that 30 years later we've made no progress

  31. Not only have we made no progress, but they’ve gotten worse.

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