1. Villain from a Metal Gear game. I think he wanted a revolution to eliminate worthless people.

  2. How did you grow it without a suspension thread growing into it?

  3. Traveling to the past could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe. Pass.

  4. But it also reduces muzzle velocity by roughly 30%

  5. I’m serious and not being a dick Do you have a source for that? I’ve read it does or doesn’t. I know they do that in games (for balance purposes), but I haven’t seen documentation demonstrating that as reality.

  6. It's common sense, a suppressor works by slowing down the escaping gasses from the muzzle thus getting rid of the sonic boom from the bullet breaking the sound barrier

  7. What does that have to do with the bullet, though? Once the bullet exits the barrel, those gases are no longer pushing on it, so it doesn’t matter what happens to them.

  8. The Nazis championed public education to indoctrinate children into their hateful worldview and turn children against their parents. It seems like I’ve seen that somewhere more recently …

  9. It's kinda in the name that the Nazis were socialists. They just wanted to exclude everyone except themselves from the social benefits.

  10. I don’t think most people know it’s a acronym for the socialist party.

  11. Are we counting tomatoes as fruit today? They’re in a lot of stuff I like.

  12. What’s the obsession with pepperonis? Like either they just taste watery or just spicy. They are good as an addition but horrible alone.

  13. I’ve literally never had a bad piece of pepperoni. Even the cheap ones are good.

  14. The British use their forks upside-down, so they need a knife to help.

  15. And not one mention of how they’ll vastly expand their power grids to handle it.

  16. Imagine having a conservative movement take over the “conservative” party.

  17. The channel with all that reality tv stands for … the learning channel?! Really?!

  18. It had mostly documentaries in the beginning, like MTV played music.

  19. Canada has a) no federal law restricting access to abortion, b) expressly deemed equality before the law of all persons in its Charter, and c) universal healthcare.

  20. Because the USA health care system is so deliciously wonderful…? Fucking please.

  21. The insurance system is a mess, but we have the worlds’ most advanced medical care. That’s the trade-off of paying slightly more (net).

  22. All knives or just "sharp" knives? I put my butter knives pointy side up

  23. All, because they best fit the slots that way.

  24. Pointed up (knives down) because that’s the only way they fit in the basket. I think it also provides more exposed surface area for cleaning.

  25. It’s funny “vanilla” is used to express blandness, but is often more popular.

  26. No. We took land like everyone else did - like the natives did to each other. We’re only remarkable in not having killed or enslaved them all.

  27. You can get a portable washing machine and air dry stuff in your apartment. Hooks onto your kitchen faucet. Cn’t do a large load so will be doing more loads but not too bad. Then go to the laundromat once a month or so to do sheets, towels, big things like that.

  28. Some rentals don’t allow them. I was looking at a place like that. They say it’s bad for the faucets.

  29. Webbed fingers and toes is just a birth defect.

  30. I'm an engineering student. If this is my competition then I'll be fine.

  31. The execution isn’t necessarily the design.

  32. It's the design of the concrete ramp and dock that's crappy. The warehouse is just over a year old and this is one of many design flaws

  33. I mean designs are sometimes changed during construction. If that doesn’t apply to this building, it is terrible engineering work.

  34. Does anyone know what ramifications, if any, the federal government faces by ignoring the ruling of the Supreme Court?

  35. They would be in violation of the separation of powers. At that point I suppose it would be a matter of what law enforcement or state governors decide to do about it. A convention of states is probably the most extreme answer.

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