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  1. Is there already a fix other then relearning the profession?

  2. Ich sehe ein Wixxer Meimei, ich drücke Hochwähli.

  3. Ich glaube das geht dann Rattfratz!

  4. Im having the same issue since the hotfix.

  5. @Ornlu How can you possibly know so much rnd fects about the game and where do you find them?

  6. Get the Wholly and Grail addons. It'll put markers on the map.

  7. Perfect exactly what i wanted. Thank you, helped me a lot.

  8. Realms are up now. But i cant get through the loading screen with any of my chars on any server. Anyone else got the same problem?

  9. They will always be the TyRanT in our hearts!

  10. I liked to play classic d3 on hardcore, because even the leveling phase was challenging. At first i only wanted to complete the campaign on normal hardcore. I ended up finishing act 1 inferno. Would love to have this challenge in leveling again.

  11. Schön, dass es dir/euch gefällt. :) Diesen Freitag gibt es ab 20:30 Uhr eine längere Session.

  12. Ich würde auch gern mal sehen, wie sie verschiedene Buildorder lernen, zb. Drush, archer rush oder mal nen castle drop. Grad bei den beiden, merkt man, dass sie zwar immer eine art plan im hinterkopf haben, diesen aber dann eher mäßig ausführen und dann merkt man, dass sie quasi einfach drauf losspielen und nicht mehr ihrer strategie folgen. Im steamworkshop gibts zum beispiel auch vom zeroempires ein ingame fast castle tutorial bei dem man während des spielens einen fc lernt.

  13. I love playing enhancement shaman since the early cata days. I always mained this specc until now. The last week i decided to lvlup my warlock up to 110. With my enh i doge voids without even thinking about it, but if i am playing my lock i often times dont even recognize them. The second hardest thing while playing my lock, is just standing still. With my enh i run around the boss like an angry chicken. Tldr: if you want to play shaman just keep playing it and you will get used to it

  14. Justice latern has block chance on it.

  15. It takes an average of 45 minutes to find a lobby on HD. That's just how it is. If you want to play by your settings, you're gonna be doing some lobby time.

  16. I always host my own lobbies. 3 vs 3 arabia 1650+ eu (my rating is about 1800-1900) Depending on the time i play it takes from 3-45 mins to get the game started. In average 8 to 12 mins. Most of the arabia players know if they want to play arabia they have to stay in a lobby for 10 mins, because a lobby with 3 players will be full earlier than a lobby with just the host. If you play 1 vs 1 you find an opponent in about 5 mins. Maybe you just got some uncommon settings.

  17. Also wenn es um Wahrscheinlichkeit "niemals" geht

  18. Bjarne Mädle wäre schon ziemlich geil muss ich sagen.

  19. I tried to get vooby working on my computer but it didnt work. Since this time i have never tried to install it again, because i can just launch aoe hd without problems and have some fun.

  20. ahahahaha suuuuuuuuuuuuuupaaaaaaa!

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