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  1. That's a beautiful view. Beautiful dog too.

  2. The skill you want to master is called prompt engineering. Content generated by AI will be as good as the skill of the human giving it the instructions.

  3. I really liked your take on the topic. You literally changed my way of thinking towards AI.

  4. Has she always been this way? Or has she become that way with age?

  5. She's only 5, but she's always slept a lot. I remember her first night with us she had a full night of sleep, which I read is rare. She used to wake up earlier, but now she sleeps way more. I guess they also sleep more as they grow? I don't know. I love her just the way she is.

  6. That’s awesome! Sounds like a happy girl! I was just curious because my pup is 9 months old and he’s generally pretty lazy too. He’s my first husky so I was prepared for a wild ride, but he’s the opposite of what my research told me about huskies. I guess we got lucky!

  7. Definitely lucky ones, lol. I do love to go on adventures with her from time to time. We live up in the mountains, so there's a lot of terrain to cover. She enjoys those adventures a lot, but her usual routine is fine for her. I tried taking her out after her lunch a good amount of times but no luck, she falls back to sleep or runs whenever she sees the harness. It's kinda funny, I just let her be. Let's see if she's up for an extra walk in a near future.

  8. Got my baby boy shortly after getting our girl from a rescue. Both for the obvious reasons where a bit food agressive. Both are long out of that phase. But when he was about 3 months old our girl snapped at and bit him when he got finished with his bowl and wanted some of hers. The scar lasted for about 2 months. After the scab left we just kept massaging his snout and eventually it stopped sticking out.

  9. Thank you for your kind and detailed answer. I am so worried ):

  10. Our third couch is the one we still own. And I worked that asshole miles of running two, three times a week. Not enough. I trained him with about 15 verbal commands, half of those you could just use gesture/motion commands. We did our best. Broke outta 2 kennels, destroyed 2 couches. We never bought another kennel and went couch free for a year.

  11. Wow, my Yumi isn't like that. I'm surprised about this, lol. She hasn't destroyed a single shoe. I guess females are more calm? Or maybe that's just how she is, very well behaved.

  12. My girlfriend's dog (a Papillon) will steal my sweatshirts if I wore them recently and drag it to his bed and cuddle with it. It annoys her so much now much her dog loves me over her lol

  13. That's a really good looking boy right there. Happy birthday to that handsome guy.

  14. Thanks for sharing. This was such a nice story. He's watching over you from above now.

  15. Everyone will say it's "normal husky behavior", but personally I consider that untrained dog behavior. One of the first things I train my huskies for is recall at 8-9 weeks. Maybe take it as an opportunity to train her to come when called using a 20 foot leash the next time you take her there. It's incredibly important for any dog to have reliable recall and teaching it at an early age is crucial.

  16. Thank you. The yard was a closed space, and I did have a leash of around 20 feet, however, I wanted her to enjoy total freedom. I'm going there with her again on Thursday to train her. This will be the first of many coming sessions. Thank you for your advice.

  17. Our two huskies are crated from 9:30am till about 4pm, 4 days per week. They are perfectly fine and have not had any potty/pee issues. We started out with 3 hours at a time (spouse would come home and let them out at lunch time) and worked our way up to the full 7 hours. But they also run 2-3 miles with me each morning so by 9:30 they are ready for a nap.

  18. That's a lot of crate time bud. I would personally never crate my baby that long.

  19. I have an 8yo husky and 2- 5 yo cats. She was there when they were born. Shes lived w cats for around 6.5 years, never had an issue. She will bare teeth if she thinks theyre trying to take her food but that the extent of it but she also does rhat to my other dog. Shes never chased or barked at them, and she even cuddles w the one.

  20. That's nice to know. For my cat the floor is lava whenever Yumi is awake, but would occasionally jump from his trees and domes if he wants to go from one place to another. He's doing much better than the first few days, though. I have a feeling they'll get along.

  21. This is so nice! OP, did your cats took him in right away? My cat doesn't like my puppy yet, but it's getting there. Been a week.

  22. That's awesome, how long did it take? Our puppy has been with us for a week now, but the cat doesn't like her. Floor is lava to him and only walks when the Husky is asleep or when we crate her. It's getting there, though... slowly, but getting there.

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