The Epstein court documents have just been released, over 2000 pages with list of people on that island

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  1. This is like one of those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure “ books.

  2. Don’t you know Dope is for Dopes!

  3. She’d be best served policing the pedo priests and leaving these young ladies be.

  4. Driving a Model T through mud season

  5. One upside to using the same territory as the Chicago outfits is that you can blame all of it on them - just gotta make sure you buy the rugs and cement from the same places they do so you don't give yourself away! ;)

  6. Then you have trouble with the Chicago outfits. No one needs more trouble. Especially with a Chicago Outfit.

  7. I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t mad. I appreciate you. Cheers.

  8. I’d tell him to double it or no deal

  9. Sounding rods. I clinch and cringe every time I’ve heard it mentioned. It was difficult typing this.

  10. You jest, but people literally have ribs removed to get that skinny waist.

  11. Marilyn Manson did it for other reasons. Allegedly.

  12. The elite can literally hunt, kidnap, sexually abuse and rape our children with little or no repercussion.

  13. Keep a stash of CBD Gummy Bears. They are the antidote for unintentionally tripping balls on THC gummies. The more you know…. Be safe out there kids.

  14. Count town to when the retail space switches from overpriced steakhouse to a mattress warehouse, a check cash store and a circle K

  15. Underrated comment. I think about this concept probably more than the average person. Lead exposure could explain a lot about why people are the way they are in this society. The rest of the developed world outlawed lead in the 1920’s. The US? The 1970’s.

  16. Thank you. I think I will. Do you love Flouride? Or is that a picture of your truck?

  17. Being friends with your children

  18. Giant Eagle just pulled water from their shelves that was bottled near East Palestine. So it begins.

  19. I wish he would go to East Palestine and help those poor folks out. They need him!

  20. This shit ain’t shit. You must get Dough on lawn clippings Jack.

  21. You’ll be fine. If it was that hazardous, the FAA would issue a NOTAM.

  22. You’ve much more faith than I

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