1. I played a half hill giant once. Was the best character I ever played. Slept in stables and the sorcerer had to constantly clean him or he’d smell. So many times he was too big to fit through something and the party would have to either split or take the long route. But he also hit like a truck and was used really strategically.

  2. I think long term covid lockdowns and restrictions have backfired long term in causing burnout and canada is an example of this. People get totally burned out and stop caring now in 2022 and cases and deaths are very high.

  3. Didn’t help that none of our health ministers talked about long covid, and that they pulled all restrictions entirely after a premier meeting. Some were asked if they would ever put them back even in a bad wave and the answer was basically “no”.

  4. The public health system failed us bc it’s full of scientists and no Marketing or Public Relations department. The communications were just messy and people started to ignore them en masse. I’m not including the NoMask/Mask/NoMask/DoubleMask nonsense.

  5. Considering that the science didn’t even communicated, I would argue that it was full of politicians and not scientists.

  6. My point was that a focused marketing + pr campaign about COVID would have done a fuck load towards Public Awareness and Education.

  7. Shared by TGC on all major communication channels. Check out their tweet

  8. If 200m = 7/skykid, how is 3.1m = 90/skykid? I feel like I’m missing something here.

  9. The first time I was in wasteland I decided to be brave (dumb) and try to ride the krill like a manta cuz I thought it would be funny.

  10. I’ve never been so disappointed as when I found out you couldn’t ride krill.

  11. A team of Brazilian researchers was looking into an invasive fungi species that was growing (and degrading) the wooden panel sidings of many houses in the region. Their goal was to try to understand it better and figure out its optimal growth conditions. Temperature and humidity were both easy to figure out, but they were having a lot of trouble determining how much room the fungus needed to grow.

  12. This still happens on my Win10 laptop with my Chrome browser, but not my Win10 desktop.

  13. This still happens on my Win10 laptop with Chrome browser, but not my Win10 desktop.

  14. Last time I checked, dragon eggs can't teleport into a water block, which is why if you place dragon egg deep underwater, you are able to mine it without it teleporting.

  15. This must have changed in a recent version. This method at least used to be possible. Or I missed a key part of what made it work. I know there are tutorial videos about it

  16. If it's shallow water, then the dragon egg could tp into the air, then fall down to delete water.

  17. If you’re interested, the place I saw this first was on Rayyswork’s channel

  18. That's not the point I'm trying to make, your analogy is that you're in immediate vicinity of those people, I just don't understand why people get anxiety from people on an online video game because you literally can't hurt you unless you tell them where you live, I have also struggled with anxiety, I'm sure most people have, but this is just taking it to a new extreme

  19. Tons of people struggle with things that you don’t. Similarly, there are plenty of things that you probably struggle with that lots of other people don’t. This is a normal thing, and just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or people are “taking it to a new extreme”.

  20. Nah, my players want Allay cloning, and chat reporting isn't going to change how we play at all. Refusing to update would be as effective at getting them to remove the reporting system as refusing to update to 1.9 was at getting them to revert to spam clicking combat.

  21. I agree. I also don’t think this is nearly as big of a deal as the player base is making it out to be. Half of all the discussion you see about it is untrue, like swear filters and bot monitoring and chat monitoring. The other half is speculation.

  22. Lmao, Oh boi… hope am not sent to hell.

  23. Something many find surprising, in all of history it's estimated that 80% of marriages were between 2nd cousins or closer. This is attributed to Prof Robin Fox, an anthropologist. I believe the result is published in a book written by him called Kinship and Marriage: An Anthropological Perspective.

  24. This maybe region limited based on the age this was conducted, if this was Europe in its British Era then this estimate can be that high - conduct the same statistics today with the power of Globalisation then that would be negligent.

  25. This is an all-time historical estimate. In today's era I remember seeing the number fall to 10-15%, highly concentrated in the middle east and north Africa. Seems to be almost nonexistent outside of that region.

  26. Put the TNT every second block. Every 3rd block will sometimes cause the chain to stop. If you don’t mind that, then just go every 3rd or 4th block and use a flame bow to keep reigniting.

  27. Damn. Never expected a comment on something 6 years old. I can totally shoot them your way though

  28. It’s harder than mayonnaise but softer than a chocolate bar

  29. I added you as an approved submitter. Hopefully that helps stop it from happening again (not sure if it will work).

  30. I have the same toy for my cat and he loves it so much.

  31. Hey OP. Can you explain why an Israeli or Palestinian source wasn't okay? It seems like an odd thing to edit in partway through the challenge.

  32. Alright. Ultimately this was only for a vanity award so it’s not a huge deal.

  33. Hey OP! Sorry your challenge didn't pan out. We've flaired this challenge as expired for you. I saw you changed it to an argentium partway through...

  34. Nah, Doc knows exactly what he’s doing. Doc is the kind of silent power. You know he’s able to end everything at the touch of a button but he chooses not to

  35. Yeah. I think it was a lot more fun to do what he did and just egg others on. Such a cool guy.

  36. I respect your opinion even if I disagree with some of your points. There’s no need for that kind of toxicity in this community.

  37. I'm so impressed by all the cool projects you work on.

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