ENTIRELY CUSTOM FORTNITE Chapter 4 Map Concept! Dedicated 100+ hours on this project known as "Reality One" -- I also didn't use ANY pre-made Fortnite assets, all drawn from scratch!

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  1. i don't believe it. Yet another absolute unit of a meme for a pretty old game.

  2. Didn't expect you to answer so quickly

  3. Where I live it’s 23:10 and I was planning to watch rebuild 3.0 but I keep distracting myself

  4. My ideal fortnite map would have underground subways & sewers and highways

  5. Ya, I know. I am a raiden main. I use the national team

  6. I haven’t touched the game in a year or so and can’t be bothered to understand meta 👍

  7. Its raiden xingqiu bennett and xiangling you must have heard that team

  8. You know, Brawlstars already was “Baby’s first MOBA”, but this is just comical

  9. Is that a lil fish walking beside the frog?

  10. It’s the original artist’s avatar, he goes by Rinotuna

  11. She’s number 19 because that’s her power level multiplied by a million

  12. I wish I could find anyone who would actually want to have a conversation like this

  13. It’s probably just based on Cyperpunk: Edgerunners, but it also kinda looks like Lilith

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