1. Than you are ready to do that over and over for the next 60 years. You have learned all I can teach you.

  2. Meh. Just an estimate. Could be more or less.

  3. This. Or, rich and any other qualities that will aid in staying rich.

  4. Of the three, being rich is most important.

  5. Go play video games. Fuck women and feelings.

  6. Have other men bang her and tell her how good she is.

  7. When the best man or grooms men sleep with the wife before she walks down the aisle. Classic.

  8. Run up next to them, turn to my girl. And join in. Never make a bro feel awkward.

  9. Point and screech like an alien for the deception. Then pretend to be Golem from LotR.

  10. I have tons. I just accept them, complain on reddit. And hope to die sooner rather than later, but know deep down im probable going to live a long life. sigh

  11. Understand she is cheating on you. Either accept it or leave them.

  12. Haven’t felt special in a very very long time. Can’t even remember the feeling.

  13. This is called depression my friend. Welcome to the club.

  14. Peeing while sitting down is easier and more relaxing

  15. On cars in the dash board. The icon for the gas has an arrow pointing left or right. That arrow indicates what side to fill up the car on.

  16. Nothing now. In military was required. I miss military.

  17. Day after day the lack of compatibility ate away at the relationship. But with a kid, house, and bills ya just kind of are stuck,

  18. I grew up watching it with my dad so anytime I watch it or see something related to it, it makes me think of him. So that movie will always mean something to me in a way.

  19. Nice, my kid was not as impressed. lol. But got a few others she likes.

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