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  1. On PS4 there’s a glitch between rounds where the NPC allies keep firing. If you stand in front of them, the bullets with kill you. How do I know? Because those fuckers killed me halfway through the rounds Lmao

  2. I thought I was going crazy when I saw one of them randomly popping off in Blackwater. Made no sense at all. Didn't know they could actually kill you tho...good to know.

  3. Just finished a halloween task and got a Pikachu in a costume 🤪

  4. Nice. Just a comment though, raid Shiny Legendaries are guaranteed catch, you should use pinap instead :p, the only way to lose one is if you miss every single ball.

  5. Thanks for the heads up! It's my first raid Shiny Legendary so I had no idea 🤣

  6. It looks like the PS5 doesn't connect to any companion apps to ps4 games I'm having the same problem with this myself. But it does use the social club trophy and achievement tracker that does work. Currently 55% on grin and bear it. It's a pain lol Bears don't like to spawn as often as I'd like them to

  7. Can partially confirm. My companion app was connected to my PS4 where I was able to purchase things in bulk on the app and have them mailed to me. PS5 doesn't even see a live game session. I'm surprised your tracker works. How about your catalogue?

  8. I just gotta find a spammy, tanky, tried and true trio like you've described! Either way, happy hunting!

  9. I was cleaning house when the ML league was around this season but stopped when they dropped down to Kanto and Ultra last week or so. I've gotten close to throwing my phone 🙃😅

  10. I’m gonna need you to sit and think about the fact that you just said you think penises are for little kids

  11. Are they going to have to sit......long and hard......about it? I'll see myself out

  12. With grate power comes grated responsibility

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