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  1. I'm gonna be a minority here, but have you listened to old "well" mastered tracks on an "average" system? (Like a normal car?)

  2. Shame its so expensive. Well I was thinking about offering it as a sidejob profession, especially aimed at low cost but effective non loudness war mastering. I mean its certainly not difficult to do it yourself with tools like RX9, Stereotool and Audacity.

  3. Give it a shot dude! It can be really rewarding and you can make a good chunk of change, but it's a BIG learning curve getting into it

  4. It would be a gorgeous steak served with roasted greens and decadent mashed potatoes.

  5. I don't think this would be very fun. Unbreakable legendary lords in the early game would absolutely break the game. There's not a whole lot you can do if thorek or a lizardman legendary kept on curb stomping your settlements singlehandedly for the first 40 turns

  6. Gc here. The back seat of my truck is a disaster. I am slowly getting all the pack out gear I need to be properly organized. This setup makes me drool

  7. Thing sounds like a freight train, that's awesome! Keep up the good work on this land yacht!

  8. I would suggest a couple gun cases, cutting the foam out to fit your synths as exactly as possible. For bigger ones, a good pelican case isn't a bad idea either. Gun cases can be gotten for cheap, but you want to make sure your musical livelihood is secure. Bonus: they lock and you look like you're toting a small arsenal so no one should mess with you!

  9. Can we all just collectively vote "all of Lamar needs to be bulldozed"? If I have a job off Lamar I add an extra 30 minutes to my commute, fuck that ENTIRE road

  10. 5 gallon bucket of paint or drywall mud with a broken handle.

  11. Harley Quinn (the new animated show) is fuckin DOPE

  12. Not photo'd is my sound system I have a digital receiver and 2 passive floor standing jbl towers. They're very "entry level" audiophile speakers (if low on that totem) but they leave a lot to be desired at low volumes. GREAT for video games though hahaha

  13. You need some good studio monitors. Active ones, and you probably want a sub. When I bought my Tannoy Reveals 20 years ago it was like putting on glasses, but for my ears.

  14. Monitors are definitely a contender for my choice, but If I want to hear my stuff accurately I have a pair of moze 99 classics, which are WONDERFUL for accurateness.

  15. Scratch pizza on my big green egg. So good

  16. Mother 32. Nothing wrong with it, just don't love it.

  17. Man, I can here to say this and thought I was gonna get blasted. I just cannot get it to do anything I want and as said, that sequencer is garbage

  18. I'm the guy they send to make "passable" crown look great. I take what all the subs have done and fine tune everything and dial it all in to a 10, so on any given day I'm wearing 4-5 different hats. My truck is a disaster of tools haha

  19. Funny thing is that I knew all that already. Ppl who do crown well, deserve every penny.

  20. When I catch her glancing at me and we both compulsively smile. It kills me and I just want to wrap my arms around her

  21. Never touch another Craftsman's tools without consent.

  22. Look like Stevie wonder cut this with his feet

  23. I would definitely recommend a poly synth, the Korg minilogue is a great starter, but budget is also a factor here. You could get a few little volcas and play with those if youre more interested in sound or get a single poly analogue synth for playability.

  24. Came to say this. Framing with a hangover is my personal hellscape

  25. Ikit and thorgrim was a blast. Sooooo unfair to pretty much anything we fought

  26. Pics or it didn't happen 😉 I'm doing a coffee table style table with folding legs to store under couch.

  27. I pm'd you. The cost for companies that make those tables is really high and as a carpenter I figured I'd just try my own haha it's gotten a lot of use so far with a 4yo running around

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