1. Well, in a perfect world I'd hope nobody was drinking. But if that's not the case then as late as possible.

  2. If we didn't know that elephants existed, this would probably be a great example of how we'd Imagine aliens look like.

  3. If you said you would it would probably destroy your mind completely, long before you would get to experience any of that pleasure.

  4. Would you do it if u could get the pleasure before the pain?

  5. Mushrooms. They ruin all dishes they are in.

  6. Fix it so if you're not clicked in on a post, you can still pause a video without instead just going in the post.

  7. It's of course not a perfect method of measuring intelligence, but it's the best way we have right now, and to say that it tells you nothing is just out right wrong.

  8. Explore things you'd take for granted that you won't like in any other circumstance.

  9. So you’re saying, if you don’t wake up with your alarm, you’ll die.

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