1. That’s wonderful! I have never helped start a guild but would like to help any way I can.

  2. LA64 says:

    Larger breasts allow for more milk.

  3. LA64 says:

    Where are you located? Many dispensaries offer new patient consultations. You definitely want to start by saving your med card on your phone (or print it). Also double check that all your information is accurate on the registry.

  4. LA64 says:

    Northern Lights is my favorite! Very strong linalool.

  5. So far the strongest buzz was the mystical melody for me and my favorite of the bunch is the blue widow. I’ll get into some northern lights at bedtime tonight and see how that goes

  6. LA64 says:

    If you like a sweet/candy taste you should try the Melonade Skitlz.

  7. LA64 says:

    I liked the lavender gummies but I have not tried the other flavors. The following is a description I found. “Looking for a way to boost your daily productivity without high-caffeine and other sugary candy products? The Standard’s Energize Gummies are an all-natural, tasty option to keep your energy levels high and your mind focused throughout the day. Formulated using Ginkgo Biloba to provide a rich source of antioxidants, Ginseng Root to help keep you alert, and Nettle Root for everyday wellness. With The Standard’s Energize Gummies you can prioritize your productivity while getting the lift you need to succeed. Ginkgo Biloba Extract 25mg • Panax Ginseng Root Extract 25mg • Nettle Root Extract 25mg”

  8. Why don’t they have these descriptions on online ordering?!

  9. LA64 says:

    Ohio’s medical is a joke. I’m looking forward to the program evolving. Maine’s medical program is a great model, caregivers can make their own medicine so patients don’t have to rely on money hungry dispos.

  10. LA64 says:

    Vincent ManGogh is the only BR cart I’ve tried, and I’m a huge fan! Very tasty but also effective. Distillate does work for some but it’s a personal preference for sure.

  11. LA64 says:

    Chocolate: Kiva. Concentrate: Ancient Roots (Peach Crescendo + Slurribreath) & Buckeye Relief - Delta Shift (Oro Blanco). Vape: Luster (Layer Cake), Airo (Northern Lights) & FiSci (SHO Qush 12). Tincture: Butterfly Effect/Grow Ohio. Flower: Galenas (Blueberry Cookies).

  12. LA64 says:

    The dark chocolate Kiva bar does not list milk on the ingredients.

  13. LA64 says:

    The churro is my favorite! Bubble hash is the best concentrate to use with chocolate because it is so high in fats and lipids. Kiva continues to blow my mind.

  14. LA64 says:

    I’ve been playing telephone tag with the Board of Pharmacy this past week. They are still working from home! Not to mention, other medical states allow telemedicine even when there is no “state of emergency”.

  15. LA64 says:

    Ancient Roots is my absolute favorite solvent-less rosin. Peach Crescendo and Slurribreath were both incredible.

  16. LA64 says:

    It’s natural for honey (and THC) to crystallize. In fact, many other honeys on the market are cut with unnecessary ingredients to prevent this. It’s just a personal preference.

  17. Thanks, yes I realize honey crystallizes eventually, but this was crystalized upon purchase.

  18. LA64 says:

    Dispensaries and processors can hold product for a while before it’s ready to be sold. Although it could also be that Grow Ohio mixed an older batch of honey with a newer one, if their local honey sources were low.

  19. LA64 says:

    FiSci solvent-less hash oil carts are so hard to find!

  20. LA64 says:

    Certified and Galenas are my personal favorites for flower. Ancient Roots for concentrate, and Grow Ohio for edibles & tinctures.

  21. LA64 says:

    I love their concentrates! Peach Crescendo was incredible, and by far the best rosin I’ve had since moving here. I just picked up their infused coconut oil yesterday but haven’t tried it yet. It was a pretty penny but they have yet to disappoint me.

  22. Wonder if those down votes are from Dispensary/Industry employees wanting the price of edibles to stay High.

  23. LA64 says:

    Dispensary employees can’t receive tips or discounts… why would they want to be over charged for their medicine too?

  24. Where is it at? I can’t find anything about the location online.

  25. LA64 says:

    Some doctors will wait until the day of expiration to push the new prescription through. Just depends on your doctor.

  26. LA64 says:

    I highly recommend medicated lube and vaginal suppositories. They are fairly easy to make yourself.

  27. LA64 says:

    FiSci has solventless hash oil carts that taste pretty close to flower. All of Grow Ohio’s carts and Luster pods are CO2 extracted and I’m not a huge fan personally. I really enjoy the Airo pods. Lots of flavor! They come in different “Series” and offer some that are live resin with no additional terpenes or isolates.

  28. Wow I would LOVE to get my paws on some hash rosin carts. Any idea where I can find these?

  29. LA64 says:

    Fireland Scientific has 510 thread carts available at a lot of dispensaries. They are labeled “SHO”.

  30. Definitely a great strain. The taste/smell are both wonderful and imo it’s probably a top 3 personal daytime strain while still being great for anxiety/pain, don’t need much at all to feel the effects. The half had smaller nugs than the 5.66 artifact jars though.

  31. LA64 says:

    I just learned that Artifact is their “cream of the crop”. You’ll almost always find amazing buds in those jars.

  32. LA64 says:

    Although I have not tasted it yet, I am very impressed with the blueberry aroma. So sweet and light pine. This is my first Galenas so I’m pumped.

  33. LA64 says:

    Kiva Camino midnight blueberry gummies are amazing. Made with nanotechnology and CBN; they are infused with lavender plus chamomile and incredibly tasty. They are honestly hard to find as they sell out quick.

  34. LA64 says:

    I use it with seasoning to dip bread! Tastes good but it doesn't affect me like other edibles. I do have a high tolerance though.

  35. Definitely am going to have to do this from now on. I would of expected the dispensary to not have this kind of issue. I just hope something can be worked out about it by either the dispensary or from standard wellness. Idk exactly what it would be but spending these prices for a defective product and being to "too bad" seems quite messed up and might even make me upset.

  36. LA64 says:

    Save your receipt and contact the cultivator. Standard Wellness is responsible for the product, and may be able to help in some manner.

  37. They have been helpful I just had to give them the batch number and the pictures. They do have very good customer support.

  38. LA64 says:

    I'd love to hear how they make it up to you! Glad to hear they were helpful.

  39. LA64 says:

    Kiva chocolate bars from Klutch are made from bubble hash and can be pretty effective. Butterfly Effect by Grow Ohio has decent tincture, it’s oil based (usually cake flavored) and they offer a 600MG bottle.

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