1. When you know the meaning behind why she said it and what lead up to it, it is easily one of the most heartbreaking moments in the whole series😿

  2. which part, that's got a lot of cuts.

  3. or the fact that Viktor has shimmer in his blood and killed sky

  4. i just don't see them stopping jinx and mels mom

  5. the song isn't even for vi or jinx, its about everyone

  6. out of jinx,vi,caitlyn, caitlyn is the most attractive one

  7. Ep6 shows Vi caress Jinx's face during their reunion, showing up when Jinx wanted her the least; remember that Jinx wanted to move on, and having that flare going off can also represent her will to move forward from her past, from Powder.

  8. After Jinx says "Even though I'm different" the camera pans to Silco. Then it pans to Caitlyn over which Jinx says "But you changed too". I think the implication there is that Jinx is different because of Silco and Vi is different because of Caitlyn. We know how Silco changed Jinx but there's pretty profound ways that Caitlyn changed Vi too. The Vi of part one would have never worked with enforcers, or anyone from topside. But this new Vi has an enforcer partner, raids an undercity factory with enforcers, and makes deals with a councillor. I know you rejected this as an option because Jinx doesn't seem to fixate on this after episode 6 but to me I think it definitely plays a part.

  9. I agree I'd like to see Jinx have conversations with others besides Vi. A proper conversation with Caitlyn is a must and Jayce would also be great



  12. (and that injury might've just been exacerbating the cut on her light from the fight in episode 6, not something directly caused by the explosion).

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