1. Was just thinking that “monkeys” in reference to a group that currently includes four African-Americans + other ethnicities might not be the best selection.

  2. Ok I just finished the west coast episode. Has Daniel had an outburst on the feeds yet?

  3. It sounds like he lashed out at Monte during or around the HOH comp

  4. so was kyle or daniel second in the HOH? i thought it was kyle but apparently some people heard otherwise?

  5. Michael said Daniel lost “by four seconds”

  6. Nicole blaming it on fraternity and sorority stuff, that’s new

  7. Yes, Nicole. Jasmine is the head of the snake. Great read! All those years of training paying off

  8. If I was a wagering man I’d say Terrance ends up VTE Nicole, but he’s so wishy washy with what he says to different people it’s impossible to tell

  9. Terrence farted the feeds away 😭😭😭

  10. She should have had weight on it within the first 2-3 days.

  11. These two probably love this shit 😂😂

  12. So like, no matter what, Nicole and Tay go up right? Is Terrence down to vote out Nicole? Or is Monte going to have to show his cards?

  13. I’d say there’s a non-zero chance Daniel wins and talks Kyle into not using it, but to me that’s the only scenario. Terrance is a yes-man and will do whatever

  14. Jasmine on slop is all I needed, I can stop watching after this week and be happy

  15. "they can't manipulate me" - Nicole, who was very much manipulated

  16. “What are you gonna do, stab me?”

  17. Put turner and jasmine on slop you coward!

  18. I’ve always said karaoke DJ’s are at their best on Wednesday nights!

  19. welcome to another episode of jasmine horizontal while eating then wondering why her stomach is messed up.

  20. Only person in history to gain a ton of weight in the BB house

  21. At least the shoutouts are genuine, unlike DR’s with people who clearly can’t act reading off a cheesy script

  22. Who are the most likely people to target Jasmine?

  23. Joseph and Turner, but right now they probably don’t have the votes (depending on who else is up)

  24. It’s fun. I hit homers, my opponents don’t. It’s fun.

  25. If Jasmine needs surgery (hopefully not) do you think BB will let her vote from the hospital like they did with Labor Day?

  26. If it’s a traditional ankle roll/sprain it’s not a surgery situation. She’d really only need surgery for a break and that would have been clear when it happened

  27. That is a very real and very painful injury

  28. The absolute bewilderment from the booth just makes it even more strange, usually the older players can find some excuse for it but he just threw his hands up like “yeah I got nothing here”

  29. Dying for some version of the twist to be Taylor ending up as HoH and the entire house having to crawl back and kiss her ass for a week

  30. All well and good until Fernando is the halfway boss

  31. They need to put program progress back because I’m sick of having to go to the main program screen after every game

  32. Wow nice hit. I’ve played this online all the time and it’s nice to know there is an actually machine out there instead of seeing the digital one all the time. Next time I’m at a casino I’m going to look for this.

  33. There’s one at the Cosmopolitan across from the gift shop near the check in desk

  34. It won't be judge for the same reason April's wasn't Arenado or Ramirez

  35. I’d say this one has a higher chance to be Judge because the card’s overall will be higher

  36. I have these and they are rocket launchers. My miss dispersion is much tighter with these than any other irons I’ve played the last decade as well. You’ll love them

  37. Reddit out here just throwing haymakers at me (this post showed up on my home page as “similar to

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