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  1. Is that supposed to be a "Republican" protest?... Or just a protest without ideology, out of economic frustration?... I do not know!

  2. The best line of counter-argument for the "I didn't vote for them (Royals/King) tirade:

  3. Where's that famous BBC "balance" we keep hearing about? We're due 10 days of republican propaganda on the news after the funeral.

  4. Whatever for?... Republican propaganda is precisely that: Propagating information the republicans do not really know much about, because they never lived in a Country running a Republic.

  5. Here is the most accurate witness account of that incident, as it was the woman's little 7-year old daughter was pushed out of the way by the fella who caused the disturbance:

  6. To me, one endlessly practical thing that stands out about monarchies, is that they are good for business: With most republican heads of state, if they visit another country nobody gives a damn, because why should they. Uh, a politician is coming to visit, how wonderful… Except no, we have our own, thank you very much, so unless it’s a fantastic person the state visit will be almost entirely meaningless. With every royal, and be it someone like Prince Harry or the crown princess of Sweden, boy is there a buzz. Which does enormous good to the representation of their nation in foreign countries. So the ideals are one thing and certainly important, but to me monarchies are just way better: They cost less, the people filling out the jobs are better prepared, they are genuinely neutral, they do tons for publicity, they boost the economy (how many people buy ugly stuff with a king’s head on it compared to the head of some president?), and they are wonderful representatives of a nation. It’s just rationally the best system.

  7. There is a valid reason for that. A Royal Family member represents an ancestral line going back centuries or even over a thousand years, straight to the Founding Fathers of Nationhood. It carries so much more weight, kudos and significance, truly.

  8. Living in a Republic abroad for 28 years made me a staunch and well informed monarchist.

  9. Again?!... You respect the feelings of nobody. Why are you pestering the Community with unsolicited provocations?

  10. You are full of hatred. Ugly, utterly ghastly character, sorry...

  11. For a Head of State like Queen Elizabeth II?... All effort and money spent is justified. She reigned for 70 years, I think that is plenty to justify proper honours.

  12. Yes, Portugal in 1985 (Lisbon).

  13. More rubbish opinions by the usual swivel-eyed fruitcakes... Ignorance will ultimately crash this Country. Ignorance got Brexit. And ignorance will get the Republic too if we continue to allow this disparaged bunch of crackheads to vomit their stupidity all over us.

  14. It appears Austria has its fair share of swivel-eyed, unhinged fruitcakes... I thought it was just Britain.

  15. Monarchism is a very fringe ideology with even most conservatives being pro-republic.

  16. I would very much doubt that, considering the streets of Vienna were packed full with people, during the State Funeral of Otto Habsburg. That did not look like "fringe" to me.

  17. LOL... Britain is preparing to put its foot in again with the Monarchy, in the same way it did by voting in favour of Brexit! By all means, go for a Republic and when you discover how bad it is, it will be too late to regret it, as it is now too late to fix the Brexit fiasco.

  18. I find it miserably lamentable that the same people who usually go on about the Monarchy being too expensive, now are outraged that King Charles plans to downsize the Royal Household, and by extension the Monarchy!

  19. From the people I saw they seemed to be arrested for insulting people at a funeral.

  20. If you were in Andrew's position, nobody would be shouting abuse at you at your grandma's funeral, because you simply would not be there. You would be serving time in prison, because you would not have the millions to settle out of Court.

  21. It's not a funeral. It's a public display that Andrew chose to be a part of. It is a literal parade.

  22. You're right. It is a Funeral of State, all funerals of state are public displays of solemnity.

  23. This is not a normal grieving family, though. This is the personification of privilege by birth right and nullification of equality.

  24. You inherit your Parents assets and estate by birth right as well. The right to inherit is equal to all and the Common Law is the same whether you inherit the Crown or your good old Mum's sofa.

  25. Do you require to be elected in order to inherit your Parents' Estate?... NO?!... Well it is the same principle applicable to a Monarchy. The heir inherits the Crown. That makes him King, because the Parent was King/Queen.

  26. Everyone is in favour of innocent until proven guilty until it comes to certain crimes it seems.

  27. Perhaps you should consider that Andrew proved himself not innocent (even if we avoid the "guilty" word) when he agreed to settle out of Court.

  28. If you are innocent and you know for a fact that you are innocent, you go to Court and challenge your accuser. Settling out of Court shows Andrew is unlikely to be innocent, given the circumstantial context:

  29. If I were the Police, I would send these cases to the MI5/MI6, as I suspect a lot of the anti-monarchy noise is stirred up by paid influence from foreign and alien powers, interested in rendering the UK as unstable as possible.

  30. Goodness... All 4 soldiers expressions are absolutely breathtaking. The 2nd. soldier with his eyes closed is resting his head against the coffin.

  31. I think "viewing" is something we do in the US. I think Lying In State means the casket will be closed.

  32. In Europe, there are variations from Country to Country.

  33. I am sure that if someone really needs that closure, they will be able to get it. Her body is still at Balmoral with much of the family, after all.

  34. Princess Anne saw her Mother after death immediately, because she was present when the Queen died. Charles was there too.

  35. With another week of national mourning to come, they are going to need to accept that this will not be the last group to do this, especially if they keep arresting people for doing so. The royal family know they are not universally loved and that republicans exist, they have existed throughout history after all, I suspect they also knew the Queen's death would bring in protesters too. People might not like to see it, especially at this time, however the protesters have every right to express themselves in a non-threatening way such as this. If it causes no harm then what is the real issue?

  36. The issue is that the right of protesting tramples the rights of others to grieve in peace. And because those who grieve are epically more numerous than those willing to cause disruption at any cost, the latter are getting arrested for breach of peace, which is understandable.

  37. Just so you know, I lived in a Republic overseas for 28 years and people will get arrested if they advocate the Monarchy in public at a National event of whatever sort.

  38. There is always someone who goes OTT and misinterprets in bad faith something that was obviously done in good faith.

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