1. to be fair,his dad was kind of a dick and harry looks almost exactly like him,was in the same house as him AND was a jock.

  2. I feel for Snape as he has so much unprocessed trauma and I think Harry was triggering all these suppressed emotions in him and not only to to with James but also Lily. He saves Harry many times as well and I like what a complex character Snape is. However what happened with James was not Harry’s fault and it was out of his is control. Harry didn’t know anything about that when he first came to Hogwarts. It wasn’t Harry’s fault what had happened.

  3. What hurt Dumbledore worse that what was being said was the tone in which it was said. He was being given a year's worth of frustration and neglect thrown back to him in an instant, forcing upon him the realization that his distancing himself from Harry in this crucial time lead the boy into danger far greater than he had anticipated.

  4. Yes Dumbledore is an introspective person and he feels very guilty about the way things played out. He had the best intentions but he blames himself and says this to Harry in this chapter. Next year he does include Harry on things and their relationship really improves. I do think though that Harry wouldn’t say all these things under normal circumstances but he is just so distraught after losing Sirius

  5. His emotional intelligence is definitely unusual compared to other male characters of the time. It's what made my like and respect for him sky rocket. The moment when he tells Katniss that he shouldn't have been angry with her for pretending in the arena--no one is doing it like him. Most other stories would've chosen for him to be 'rightfully' jealous, but it wasn't rightful at all, was it? And Peeta recognised that. Ugh, I adore him.

  6. Yes I love that apology where he tells her it wasn’t reasonable for him to expect anything. He shows so much maturity and self awareness. He takes full responsibility and asks for her friendship. And he is true to his word. He doesn’t expect her to reciprocate his feelings in Catching Fire and is a true friend her

  7. I will never forget the first time I watched the scene in season 2 when Matthew is on leave and is engaged to Lavinia. Mary is across the room when he enters for the first time. She looks at him hopefully and they make eye contact for a moment, and he looks away without a change in expression.

  8. Yes that moment is powerful to me. They have such a deep past and things ended abruptly at the end of season 1. Mary looks hopefully and perhaps apprehensively at him and he look back but then turns his eyes away. I wonder how he truly feels inside

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