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  1. Are there good builds that use HoI currently ? I miss the old times of crit shattering but most builds that use it are supbar or super expensive.

  2. LQCK says:

    Creeping frost isn't exactly meta, but it's not uncommon. It's pretty strong on a < 10 exalt budget as it can shotgun. Once it gets crest of desire + ashes + divergent creeping, it becomes rather insane.

  3. LQCK says:

    Bought Gateron Black Ink V2 switches (L&F) from

  4. LQCK says:

    Purchased Camillo keycaps from

  5. Hey, I was wondering if you were able to find it. I know its been a long time but I am also tryna find the red osafa hat too.

  6. Yeah, I remember finding it on a database eventually, but it's been so long so I'm not sure which one! But it exists!

  7. Petition to rename Flash to Dash

  8. If you need any priest pointers, feel free to message me. I’ve been maining priest for almost 10 years.

  9. Is this open for anyone, because I started playing about a month ago (priest main), and would be open to some pointers for harder dungeons

  10. This happened on a gfl video as well.

  11. If the person who owns the hideout isn't inside Uber elder's room when it dies it drops no loot.

  12. Yo ggg whats up with the mansion droprate

  13. You get a bunch from leveling alts, think for some reason they're more level based. Got like 5 in a row from smuggler's caches

  14. Chaos multi is huge scaling, get it on your gloves, amulet, and quiver.

  15. Honestly shadowers are low-key a great solo bossing class. They come with a huge darksight uptime, even while attacking (cheese magnus / lotus. Great for a bunch of bosses that have arena effects such as cvel, damien, P3 vonbon ), super stance on your two bossing skills (great for lotus/ magnus / p3 von bon), smokescreen that just straight up blocks a lot of skills (arkarium screen shatter, lotus bottom lazer, pap screen shatter). They also come with a 14 second I-frame that doubles as burst. The only thing they don't have is a class bind, but they come with so much more utility than most classes. They have pretty high base damage and decent burst as well.

  16. I don’t get how some people got the final reward today, we have been doing maple relay for 19 days so shouldn’t it be 19*4+3=79?

  17. Some people grabbed them after maintenance but before reset

  18. Julieta is also account wide iirc?

  19. How much arcane force do you have? Mobs have a damage boost/reduction based on your arcane force.

  20. Do you have sticky keys on?

  21. Placing interact/npc on the "y" key lets you both skip dialogue and hit yes when given the option.

  22. Guess I won't be doing hmuto for awhile

  23. Shadower has meso explosion!

  24. Also, if you see a crit rate roll lock it and roll the other two lines for boss or attack. With critical reinforce (5th job node for archers) you get crit damage based on how much crit rate over 100% you have. This is pretty comparable to getting a boss damage line, and is very rare.

  25. Grabbing mastery books and elixers at the pixel store is a pretty good way to cut down on some costs. You can buy 10 of each books per character. Grabbing the pixel event quest will also give you a decent passive buff. Additionally, make sure you are keeping up on your star force, it will help when you damage starts lacking.

  26. Gotcha, thanks! Any idea how to get the slime boss from kerning PQ?

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