1. Business to return to empty buildings all over Midtown

  2. The only thing missing from Armour is more street level retail. It's a beautiful street.

  3. Although it technically might be on Main, I’m hoping the old Burger King gets turned into something nice

  4. I see them all the time. The mom definitely stares people down if they get too close.

  5. Smoldering stone during leagues from Hellhounds.

  6. I helped with some of the pre-demolition work required on this building. There's a lot of processes and hoops to jump through before any demolition can actually occur.

  7. This is why Reddit is great. Thanks for all the info.

  8. I was curious about that space too after driving by it and here’s what I found:

  9. Makes sense. I still think they should go ahead and get rid of all the glass shards on the ground.

  10. Replace the guests of Homer at the Bat with more contemporary players maybe?

  11. In this era of over the top novelty cocktails I feel like it's as relevant as ever. But sadly yes other elements of this episode like indoor smoking arou d childen and 35 mm slide shows are a thing of the past.

  12. The drink itself is something that could be a social media phenomenon. But the mass amount of higher class adults partying at a dimly lit, smoky dive bar with very loud live music just because it’s the “spot to be” doesn’t take today.

  13. In early seasons Apu often treats Homer like a stranger even though they were in a A cappella group together.

  14. “I didn’t know that you, Jay Leno and a Monkey were bathing a clown.”

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