1. Who would have thought the main character would be illustrated well when going berserk in a manga called Berserk?

  2. This made me laugh too loud for somebody alone in public.

  3. The Nazi Regime inadvertently led to Einstein’s career as a scientist in America. Maybe it’s just them being creative like they tend to do, but if one were to try to extrapolate some deep meaning, then it could mean that Naziism inevitably led to the discovery of this formula? Just a thought. I don’t know exactly when Einstein dropped it.

  4. Yes. Thank you for the reference I was looking for.

  5. Outstanding. 3rd ATHF reference I came looking for.

  6. Sure, I get that many would just look at the price and not notice the date. My point was that the title could have said "from 1997" instead of "circa 1997", as you can see that it is in fact from 1997.

  7. That’s a great point. Given that circa means approximately and it’s most definitely an exact date displayed, it should say “from” instead. Can I change that title, or is my diction blunder permanent?

  8. Can't change titles on reddit, so you'll have to live with your tiny mistake.

  9. Came here hoping to see this comment. Outstanding

  10. Nice! Mine is supposed to arrive today. Enjoy!

  11. I hate to hear about the loss of your ratty boy. I once lost my pet rat. His name was literally Ratty Boy. I’m sure they both lived like kings far from predation, the elements, and starvation.

  12. It does show multiple galaxies billions of light years away. They are the tiny oval or round objects in the image, some of which are even recognizable as galaxies.

  13. Outstanding explanation! That makes complete sense now. When I first saw the image, I took the spikes you described as similar to artifacts on a X-ray image, but this really puts things into perspective. Thank you!

  14. I’ve watched several short “making of” telescope videos, including the JWST, and this makes even more sense. I can visualize this. Great info!

  15. I was searching the comments for a One Punch reference. Great job.

  16. Both. It’s been a tradition I’ve kept since the very beginning. I’ll play through the version I didn’t want first, learn the game, then do a mega play through on the version I wanted to play.

  17. That’s cheiropompholyx i think. Doctor here. Need to see a dermatologist.

  18. PA backing up the Doc’s comment. Upvote ⬆️. Go see derm as recommended.

  19. This is so great. I’m a big KOTH fan. I’m aware that most of the fan base detests this episode, but when I first saw it, I found the way that Mike Judge’s voice (as Hank) repeating his new nickname “Dusty old bones, full of green dust?” so funny that I named an electronic album I was working on at the time after it, and it’s on streaming services to this day for nobody’s enjoyment at all. It is not a good episode.

  20. What’s your name on the streaming service? Are you Bamboon?

  21. Nah, it was a moniker I used at the time called Ghost 222. I searched Spotify after posting that reply and realized several other people did the same thing! I discovered the band “Propane Accessories” and their album “That Boy Ain’t Right” because of it. I’ll consider this a win.

  22. (Little kid cheering on Mumen Rider against the Deep Sea King): Go translation team! You can do it! I believe in youuuuuuuuu!

  23. This may not be accurate with astrophysics, but the stars we see locally are technically photons that have travelled great distances, and not the stars themselves. I’ve been visualizing this as Blast and Co. entrapping them within a finite space that “steals” the photons from that section of the sky. I could probably take more time to find proof or explain better, but the light would eventually return as it travelled closer or within range of earth. I dunno…One Punch Man is pretty coooool

  24. This makes me glad to have ordered a black C8 today. Should be in around September! Enjoy that car!

  25. You’ve made the right choice. Get a nice ceramic coating. It’ll look like glass.

  26. Dude aint wrong. Somebody hit and totaled my C5 which I got at a steal, hello C6!

  27. I hear you on that. I drove my C7 for a wonderful 77k miles in a 3.5 year period. I occasionally see similar models and it hurts…I wasn’t even a C8 fan…until I test drove it. Here’s to another 77k+

  28. N.W.A. said it best…they even named a song after it…hmmm…it went like…

  29. It's confirmed since they created the name of the show

  30. Haha came here to say something very similar, but also share OP’s excitement and am glad the hype is real.

  31. I did once! Project was called “Deadface”.

  32. Seriously one of the best fanimations I’ve ever seen. You are very talented, RedHairedGuy. Somebody hire this man.

  33. I pay somebody to put a tracker inside the snail. I pay somebody else to program an app that shows me the snail’s location at all times. The app sends a SNAIL ALERT to my phone if it is within a predetermined distance of myself. I take the $10,000,000…no wait…I take the $10,000,000, then have somebody else encase the immortal snail in a small lead box. I travel the world with my snail-in-a-cube to spite it.

  34. You beat the game’s version of the Nugget Bridge (left of Bill’s House), then work your way to the grassy patch behind his house by hopping off a small ledge on the mountain and click the tile on the back of the house that’s in line with the front door. This prompts the battle.

  35. Just got it sweet, do you know how to do the mewtwo quest? I just opened a capsule in the cinibar mansion and now can't find anything else

  36. Nice! Yeah the Mewtwo/Mew side quests are really cool. I did them after the Suicune side quest. It’s a lengthy explanation, but I followed the steps in this YouTube video long enough to not spoil the quest and get me going:

  37. If I had his talent and was currently illustrating the most hype moment of the most hype manga I’ve ever read, I couldn’t sleep either. He is on another level of existence right now.

  38. About to fish in that Safari Zone 1 for a little Dratini

  39. Same thing happened to me on my second play through. On my first play through, I lucked out with a shiny male Dratini in about a dozen soft resets. I used soft resetting on my second play through and encountered 13 female Dratini with those exact DVs you described before accepting it and moving on. There must be something to that. I went to the Game Corner and found a male Dratini shortly after by soft resetting. Named them Alpha and Omega. Both had very similar attack at level 60 despite having entirely different DVs.

  40. Just to follow up, the same thing just happened while soft resetting for a shiny Aerodactyl at the Lab in New Cinnabar. 8/7/10/10/10 female multiple times. There’s definitely something to it. Also, my cart will hold a save file, but not the date and time. And Box 8 says it has 44/20 Pokémon, and if you try to deposit a mon into it, they disappear forever. Odd glitches I didn’t experience on the emulated version. Both are version 2.5.1. This is one of my favorite ROM Hacks ever, and I’ve been playing this series since 1999, so I’m not stopping now.

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