1. Let me get this straight, your neighbours are upset you’re parking in front of your own house now? Tell them to get lost. NTA

  2. No we haven’t. We’re still very much in the smoochy kissy honeymoon phase but he also gets really upset when people interrupt him.

  3. You’re in the honeymoon phase and he’s acting like that? Yikes.

  4. So will those coming for an abortion in Canada have to be fully vaccinated, download the ArriveCan app, and wear a mask?

  5. No concern whatsoever for the millions of women affected by this ruling, takes the opportunity to troll over vaccines and masks. Be ashamed of yourself.

  6. Is there a political party in Canada that identifies as “far right?”

  7. Why does it matter if anyone in politics is a woman, gay, a religious minority, or a POC? It shouldn’t matter if almost all, or even all, the politicians are straight white males. After all they do a great job of representing everyone, right?

  8. It literally states they want free contraception for everyone, but because they specifically don’t mention condoms you bizarrely think it doesn’t include condoms. Your reading comprehension sucks. Troll elsewhere.

  9. It's not like you walk into a room and they blow your brains out before you can even say "hi"...

  10. There’s isn’t a full year of counselling. There was a ten day reflection period,

  11. They're waiting for all the men who are thinking about suicide to actually do it.

  12. Feeling depressed, citizen? Why not consider suicide? They’d rather we apply for MAID than pay for a measly hotline, or the actual services and treatments we need.

  13. You have talent! I really feel like you captured their spirit.

  14. It's not just this, but it's the tipping point for me. I've been asked to do more than my share of work for the last five years while everyone else gets a free pass. It's not the first time M has done something like this. He locked me out of the break room for like two weeks and everyone just laughed about it. I'm just done overall with this job.

  15. That’s unacceptable behaviour, not just from M, but also your coworkers who laughed along. You’ve been singled out by M and bullied repeatedly. Do you have HR? You should be filing a complaint. Definitely NTA. I wouldn’t blame you for resigning over this.

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