1. What type of algae eater are you talking about? There are many kinds. Otos would do well with ADFs.

  2. My BN Pleco will sometimes try to suck on the frogs. I think she likes it when they are getting ready to shed. No one has ever gotten hurt.

  3. Time for you to be a change in society and help destroy those stereotypes. Call out bad behavior and help your fellow dudes be good people. Be a good person yourself.

  4. Oh yeah I had read about the fir tree case. I'm sure it can happen with all kinds of plants, but I would hope people wouldn't do it to themselves

  5. as i said in the title, "if you know" im not blaiming this on the mothers im just saying that if u are aware that the baby is gonna have a tumor, abort it

  6. You must live under a rock. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get an abortion in some places???

  7. Real nice title man. It's not like states all over the USA have bs abortion bans or anything. You suck.

  8. Thanks for making me look! Definitely following her now!

  9. Imagine being this dumb.... Like dude, if you think you had a stroke of any kind, you should be going to the doctor immediately. Why the hell are you on Reddit when you could actually die?

  10. Obviously OP was tweaked out of his mind so not easy to make the best judgement calls. Probably happens to a lot of people

  11. If he was that tweaked for TWO WEEKS, he has even worse problems than I thought.

  12. No one likes comments like this EVER. just upvote them like a civilized redditor.

  13. Okay just to be clear, there’s not a single reason to be as rude as you have been to me on this post, I know I fucked up due to a lack of research no one’s confused about that part thanks babe

  14. You needed to hear it because it's true. You did not do your diligence as a pet owner and your pets all died because of it. It's tragic and I'm sorry it happened to you, but that's what happens when you don't do your research.

  15. I edited it shortly after. My nitrites are high. Nitrates are safe.

  16. 20 to 27 is perfectly safe. As long as the temperature is fairly stable, ADFs will be happy.

  17. It's not that he gets an exemption is that the stop was unlawful. As a judge, he knows that so the cop better realize that he won't be able to get away with illegal stops against someone who knows and enforces the law.

  18. As someone who saw the original longer clip, the judge was visibly following another vehicle too closely. It was a valid stop.

  19. It’s almost as though we don’t have enough context to accurately assess this 21 second video or something?

  20. He was following too closely. I remember this from years ago.

  21. Lawsuit potential! Unless a warning "max weight" sign exists at the entry...

  22. Almost all places like this have strict age limit and weight limit rules.

  23. What more hints do you need? you need it to cluck at you?

  24. Decriminalizing would be better. Make selling a crime, but don't make it illegal to have some or use it. Users aren't the problem.

  25. Well legalizing it would allow storefronts to be a thing where they can be regulated and taxed. It would create tax money for states and cities and also make it safer to buy for users.

  26. Not true. Are you aware of how well regulated Delta 8 and other analogs of THC are? They aren't. They are legal, and many of them have contaminants like solvents. Legalizing it doesn't necessarily mean it will be regulated and safe.

  27. I am trying to coax a reponse from conservatives to try and make them realise how stupid their argument are by taking them to their logical extremes

  28. You're sinking to their level to make a point? It won't work. You just sound like a transphobe.

  29. Plenty of Russians are on board with this invasion, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. let’s not make them the victim

  30. Oops sorry. It’s just Putin and his croneys! Grow up naive little girl, lol

  31. can you please explain this using dumb people words? what is a water column? how should you place your plants if they’re not in the actual substrate? just let them float around?

  32. Plants like java ferns and anubias will die if you bury the rhizome at the base where roots grow from. They are better suited stuffed into cracks or glued to wood and rocks. The water column is just the water in the aquarium. Javas and anubias absorb nutrients straight from the water, not from the substrate.

  33. Time to replace the sand with bigger pebbles. Impaction is a risk if this guy is doing this.

  34. A Google search would have prevented you from sounding ignorant.

  35. I was hoping it wouldn’t take a large part of the tank or create too much oxygen that algae goes crazy. But if I can find a small one it may be perfectly fine. Do you think sponge filters cause the water to evaporate way faster?

  36. I don't understand what you mean by oxygen making the algae go crazy. Algae produce oxygen.

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