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  1. I'm having fun in hyperbloom, aggrevate and hypercarry teams (all different build setups).

  2. Resin is always a pain and will stay one as it is monetized. My question is .... where is the extended stamina we get from leveling archon statues???

  3. The tripple kinky maguus is still the most annoying one for me. Other mobs are meh. I did really enjoy most of the limited fighting events. I would like to see a training grounds where we can test dmg on mobs (maybe as a teapot feature, idk).

  4. I use vv for convenience as it offers a res shred. Its bettet for team dps. I think gilded dreams would be good for him too

  5. He's the general of the Matra. I assume all Matra generals has his hat. Idk

  6. How did the early testing and beta testers not raise concerns about him?

  7. Idk man. I've made peace with only using his burst while I have buffs up.

  8. Sometimes we can get stuck in the crit value notion. Its important to remember that crit really isn't everything on each piece. Sure, this piece has a 24.9% crit value but it also has a relatively high em roll (max rolls for em subs is 130ish i think, with all rolls in) and good energy recharge.

  9. I’m not gonna lie… I’m pretty salty that he can’t outshine Keqing. You would think he would have a much higher ceiling due to his EM scaling & aggravate potential. But soooo much of cynos damage potential is missed because he looses all buffs halfway through his damage cycle. My guess is he would easily outshine Keqing if he had a dendro support similar to XQ who could reliably apply dendro for the entire duration of his Burst.

  10. A smaller solution would be if his burst could snapshot. A big problem in that, then his signature weapon would no longer work. A Nobeless type artifact set, that provides a buff for the active character based on burst time would help, as I don't really think we'll get a character that buffs all 18 seconds of his burst. Like Xiao, we'll be running on hopium for the rest of time

  11. He does a surprising amount of hyperbloom damage with 700 to 800 base em dmg. It skyrockets with buffs and using his burst.

  12. Wow I don’t reach that without abyss buffs. I use EM EDMG EM

  13. Heh I only had one fully open map while doing this. I pinned my map beforehand and went Sayu on most of them.

  14. What always gets me of the 'family always had X gender babies' posts, is that its just biology. Women can't magically decide which baby to pop out - its just luck that everyone had boys before. It wouldn't surprise me that if in these scenarios a couple in the family got an undesirable gendered baby, that it would be aborted. Absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of idiots who don't have a clue on how the world works.

  15. Aww gross man. I'm already freaked out by my own goodies each month. I wouldn't want to deal with someone else's too - not to this extent.

  16. If you can heavily invest in him and his support characters (and their weapons), then I'd say he's a bit worse or on par with Xiao. If he does get a buffer/dendro applicator that lasts his burst, then he'd be more constant. He is not Hu Tao levels of dps, nor Itto, Raiden or Ayaka.

  17. Yea I didn't like this reaction. We were told to not be cruel. We were told to take it easy breaking the news to Razor. Then not 5 mins after she pulls this stunt... smh

  18. You can bet your last primogem I'm gonna wreck Dottore in his boss fight with the archon team and DMC the first time we fight him (or whatever his boss battle may be, even if its Scara)

  19. Gilded is for personal dmg in a comp with constant reactions. Wanderers is better if you have a less reactive comp, or if the stats are way better. The dendro set for support mostly - although I won't run him on it. I'd save it for someone else

  20. I wonder how she'd fare in a true bloom comp. Although, Ayato and Ganyu mostly dominates there ...

  21. I wanted to tripple crown him too, but then I got curious and looked at his normal's multiplier... its nearly the lowest of all polearm characters (2nd or third lowest of everyone).

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