1. I grew big watermelons last year which had a nice flavor, but not great texture (great for juice!). I don’t know if the texture was a heat thing or a variety thing. I’m trying a different variety this season.

  2. I'm starting to run this year, just had my first run last week. When I run, my heel strikes the floor first, is it better for me to try using the tip of the foot first?

  3. The best advice I received about running gait: do what feels like a fast/almost full out sprint pace, and then try to feel what your body is doing. How do your feet hit; where are your arms? When we run at our personal fastest paces, we naturally start to fix our forms. Try to take a mental capture of what it all feels like.

  4. I dont know if i got it, I'm supposed to see how my run is on a sprint, and take that form into a slower pace?

  5. Not a full sprint but a very fast pace and then yeah. Feel the mechanics of how you run and practice replicating it at slower places. The idea of that when we go slow, sometimes our form is a bit bouncy. As you speed up, you are forced into a more efficient form, and your foot strike moves from a pulling motion by the front foot and into more of a pushing off motion by the back foot. It may not work for you, but I found it really useful for helping me to address foot strike issues.

  6. I’m going to see if I can get a harvest from squash planted suuuper early. I have seeds started now. I’m going to get them as big as possible before they go out, and then I’m going to pray to the weather gods.

  7. Tatume squash doesn’t give a hoot about SVBs. I’ve grown it several years now. It really sprawls so make sure to have the space for it. Pick the squash when they’re softball sized and they’re like a summer squash, or leave them on the vine longer and they develop the thick skin of a winter squash.

  8. I totally agree about tatume. Delicious flavor, quite resilient, but will get big.

  9. I deliberately went with the fastest, bust still tasty, varieties I could find this year. I got my seeds from Tomato Growers Supply Co., because it allowed me to sort by season duration. So far, germination is looking great.

  10. I just ordered a few items from Kettlewell. If the quality is surprising (either good or bad), I’ll write a review for here.

  11. I got a top from there and my mum complemented me, which she never does so I’m going to say that was a win!

  12. I have washed the shirts a couple of times, and they seem to be made well enough.

  13. I can do either a silvery grey or a darker charcoal grey. What I have to be EXTRA careful of are heathered greys. Grey+muted+muddied colors is a big no no for me.

  14. Its a beautiful dress but I think the neckline and sleeve are a little sharp for a SC. Long train is also too much imo.

  15. This person is correct. Also, make sure you evaluate your dress decision with the dress draped in a more natural position. That swirl around the step is creating DRAMA (and you are gorgeous all on your own), but 99% of the time you will be photographed with it straight down.

  16. I used to be a teacher. My take home pay was the same as the cost of daycare each month for my two children. Since COVID, teacher salaries have gone up a bit, but so has the cost of daycare. Infant care was about $1200 in 2017, and I paid almost as much for that infant to attend as a preschooler, because rising costs.

  17. HHSC handles Child Care licensing and manages the database of inspection results.

  18. Lakeline farmer's market! Southpaw bladeworks. Super great guy, sharpens while you wander.

  19. We also had a very positive experience with SouthPaw. Great job, good pricing, and a nice guy.

  20. I think you might be a True Winter. The lighting is throwing off really good color comparisons. The fact that you naturally gravitate toward white (and it looks good on you), and the fact that orange in all forms is BAD is making me think that you’re actually a cooler undertone. How do you do with rich, clear, intense blue?

  21. I hate to break it to you, but you’ve probably waited too long to book anything. I was looking for a Thanksgiving rental anywhere from Marathon-Ft Davis-Marfa-Alpine-Terlingua like two months ago, and it was already slim pickings.

  22. You seem pretty high contrast. What if, just give it a shot, you try on something a bit plummy or maybe even a light cool pink. Because I think it is totally possible that your undertones are cool to neutral, not warm to neutral, and that your color season is something like a true or deep winter (rather than an autumn). You can find several other subreddits where they talk about seasonal analysis, but one of the things that sent me down the rabbit hole of color analysis was the fact that I could NOT find a nude or MLBB color that actually looked good. I tried different undertones and different shades and saturation, and they all looked like garbage. I had my “colors done” and it turns out my best natural/neutral color is more of a plum (and just about everything brown is a strict no-go zone).

  23. Wait, what?? I'm European, so babyshowers are not a thing where I'm from. But it's actually a game to guess how fat a pregnant woman has gotten?? Excuse my ignorance, but I don't see the fun of it.

  24. But it isn’t fat. That’s the thing. It is a bland “game” that is also hitting on the cultural celebration of the sweet pregnant belly. It’s not a commentary on weight gain; it’s supposed to be a nod to the American obsession with the “baby bump.”

  25. College students can trick-or-treat after a certain hour. You have to give actual children a chance, and you HAVE TO wear a costume. /signed a woman in her late 30s

  26. Surprising negativity in this thread (which, jesus guys, don’t you want Austin fans to verde that stadium?!).

  27. Hear me out: tuck a small bit of the hem of the shirt at your hip or waist rather than in the middle.

  28. Can you get Vanicream there? It's super gentle and cheap. I use it daily and love it

  29. Would have rooted for you lot against LAFC too

  30. Seriously?! No, sir. Texas above everyone else. Always.

  31. Lol absolutely not. Stuver would need to cure a major disease and then I would reconsider.

  32. What about a minor disease? Something like a nice salve for contact dermatitis?

  33. You’re going to ride the falling knife waaay down friend. Austin is going to be one of the epicenters of the collapse. I’d run away from that “deal” and rent.

  34. Spoken like someone who hasn’t seen what the rental market in Austin looks like right now.

  35. I know it's a controversial take but this is the quietest game that I can remember

  36. Also at the stadium, our section which is objectively nosebleeds is still loud AF.

  37. He should know better than to do that. Alright Alright Alright Austin let's capitalize on this

  38. At the stadium: the energy is notably different. And there is a cloud in front of the sun, so that’s a nice heat reprieve.

  39. Driussi is on the ground for 5 minutes and the SS is splashing beer.

  40. It’s hot, and they were midway through the song when je went down.

  41. No they started it after they stopped play for him being down.

  42. You don’t need a realtor to get comps. Anyone with the skills of a high school grad can do the same.

  43. Price information is limited to just those people with MLS access. So, even if the skill to pull comps isn’t technically challenging, the gatekeeping is real.

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