1. I love Rita’s system ❤️❤️ I got into some months ago

  2. I think naturals appear broad with big hands and feet. I’m not like that at all. However I can be SC as they appear their actual height and are evenly proportional

  3. Not all SN’s are broad and have big hands and feet lol where are you getting this information?? And yeah you described yourself as a SN

  4. That would make her not DC if she’s 5’10 lol

  5. Yeah even not knowing her height I would say no

  6. I feel like her essence is natural but her body is D

  7. It’s not a ridiculous question and no it doesn’t because face don’t matter when typing bodies

  8. I could see DC for her. Especially looking at picture 1 and 2 she remembers me more on other DCs than on FNs. But I could definitely also see FN as an option.

  9. Maybe because her bones aren't that wide and she looks proportionate. She's fit, but doesn't appear too muscular. Her flesh looks soft. Her bones lean more narrow than wide, but still proportionate. She has a little chubby/fleshy appearance even at a low weight.

  10. Not all FN are wide and muscular, she has width in her ribs and upper back imo. But she can also be DC I just don’t see SC for her. She’s very Yang to me and her vertical is long; I thought she was like 5’10 but apparently she’s shorter than that

  11. her limbs are shorter, and she doesn't have the "T" silhouette. Also, she has double curve and her curves come first in accommodation importance. SD needs to accommodate vertical first, and curve comes second.

  12. She is a romantic, she has been verified by the person who created this system.

  13. She’s too tall to be a R, his rules made it that way lol

  14. I don’t see D at all.. her vertical is moderate and I do see a lot of differences in her and Sheryls body. She is a soft type imo

  15. SN. She is not a Classic, her essence is VERY fresh and sensual.

  16. She’s too tall for SN and her vertical is long. FN seems more fitting

  17. SC maybe idk but definitely not FN or SD, she has a moderate vertical like please bfr😐

  18. She doesn’t have a long vertical, she’s pretty moderate

  19. You’re either D, SD or FN.. start from there

  20. I had mentioned Priyanka as a Romantic but have since seen a few pics where she seems to have Natural width ? so not sure… online pics can be deceiving - here she is next to Deepika and we can see some blunt width in shoulders

  21. Yes it’s commonly agreed on here that she is SN

  22. You can only fit into one type; y’all just put to much thought into it.

  23. Most think she’s probably SN, but she’s unverified so that’s just a possibility. She fits the vibe and essence pretty well In my opinion and I see that she looks good with width and curve accommodation.

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