1. I don’t know if he called it. I lean more towards he knew something but couldn’t declare it in a way that would get aggregated.

  2. he said on several pods last month he thought KD would go to Tsai and tell him to fire Marks or Nash (or both) to settle everything and move on, so I think he did

  3. florida is ranked almost as highly as us now. its a damn good school (for those who thought he was talking about florida)

  4. Y’all played them a lot in neutral sites tho lol

  5. this would match with usc claiming they would get almost 100 mil per year from tv

  6. it will never happen. the alternative would be one of the other big media conglomorates buying espn off their hands

  7. if the northeast combined had like 30% as many elite recruits as just south florida it would be strong. its just not a hotbed

  8. 2023 is so crowded, its really hard to see why they would move aquaman. shazam makes sense to move imo

  9. Aquaman 2 could move to December since its only direct competition would be Ghostbusters. Illumination’s Migration, Wonka and The Color Purple also come out in December, but they are different audiences

  10. He should be forced to give Robert Kraft a massage as part of his punishment

  11. why? its the capital of the state. theres tons of government buildings. its just not the same as a town built around a big university

  12. Boooo, need my realignment fix

  13. i think we are in for a longish pause until we see what happens with notre dames tv deal

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