1. TCU losing is gonna swap them with Ohio State. We are gonna see The Game in the semifinals if that happens

  2. If that happened I think they'd rank us #1. The committee has been reasonably clear that they don't want rematches in the semis

  3. this is a great hire for FAU. he is instantly one of the best coaches in the AAC

  4. weeknight games usually get under 1 million viewers. i think the 2 biggest ones were the Egg Bowl on thanksgiving and Penn State-Purdue in Week 1 which had 2 or 3 million each

  5. because they have warped expectations for success and the rose bowl is seen as a failure

  6. saw a tweet that made me laugh that Hugh Freeze is more likely to lead Auburn to a 60 minutes investigation special than the CFP.

  7. the swiss model is about to be used in the revamped Champions League in europe and everyone already is shitting on it so I dont really wanna see that

  8. Yes they got good blackmail stuff so they can ask him to resign in year two or fire hin for cause instead of eating another buyout.

  9. paul chryst did a good job at wisconsin, i still dont quite get why he was fired

  10. this quote is absurd. hes upset that we only got "reprimanded" but there was only 1 player throwing his helmet at someone and it wasnt us

  11. Guys he held the title of OC, but was just the TE coach. The only OC role he filled was telling jimbo his observations from the box during games. He was always going to have to go for a real OC to come in. He isn't a scapegoat. Everyone knows this is jimbos playbook and that jimbo is the playcaller.

  12. so jimbo is making this move to save face and not to hold any part of the process accountable? nice

  13. i hope he accepts a P5 job this offseason. i dont know where else it would come from this cycle tho

  14. I may be naive but I would hope he doesn't so he can continue helping the hbcus.

  15. the funniest part of saturdays beatdown was the fact that it was a perfect day of football. all of those weather excuses from last year are dead

  16. All, please refrain from taking the bait and feeding the troll.

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