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  1. So in my experience in the 4 days using it if caught 15/18/26/22 by being in a vehicle going about 10mph in a straight road due to congestion from commuting to work. It gives spawns every 30 seconds and I feel it checks during that time how much I moved from the last spawn location. It’s frustrating for a lot of ppl since there is still ppl without it or it not working properly and shouldn’t vary this much in experience. On the flip side it’s been all shit spawns that are normal spawns every day anyways outside if your lucky to get a legendary bird spawn.

  2. Nope 4 days of doing it and haven’t had one spawn

  3. I wouldn't suggest posting this stuff on here. The community is getting pretty annoyed by it. Just letting you know.

  4. Nothing I posted was a flex in the sense of look at the crazy stuff I got it was more in a response to those of us who have had it having mixed results of no spawns populating and showing as long as your moving stuff does appear. I feel for those who haven’t gotten it but it was merely for those who did and are curious on the amount and spawns that show up.

  5. Past 3 days of using incense netted me…oh wait, Niantic doesn’t consider me worthy to get the incense yet.

  6. Sorry no clue how they are rolling it out which is odd that it isn’t global

  7. My first GoFest as well and brought the family. Even though my kids didn’t really play the game they took everything else in have a great time. I wish I looked more on here for the tips and guide as a lot was confusing on where certain things are and I as well went Friday to get food since our hotel was so close I should of took more time to look around which I think is the play next event I attend. Overall fun event and seeing and talking to all different players especially when their was good IV or perfects being found how the community shares the info.

  8. It looked like a GREAT park for kids. Had me half-wishing I'd brought mine along.

  9. Yeah Niantic did great by the kids, every trivia contest or little event they took care of all the kids in the area. Think mine ended up with each tents Team keychains and the photo opps were awesome. Plenty of places to sit and relax as well to give them a break from walking and usually was in cool areas like the photo you have in the post my kids loved that area which I didn’t mind since it bordered another habitat so double habitat spawns 😂

  10. Well everyone should have a chance at one when Sapporo hits since that seems to be the theme for special research but was definitely happy to get one today to get it off my Dex

  11. Definitely a fun day but reminded me of early 2016 when someone found something cool and everyone would rush over. Hearing someone yell 100% Pansage and everyone move to that area and the player base tell everyone near by where to go was a cool scene.

  12. Did much better than me I only hit about 7 shinies 2 being Foongus

  13. At GoFest Seattle feel free to add 2785 5471 2976

  14. That was a question I had as my kids and wife will be going with me but I’m the only one with a ticket so I was worried they couldn’t get in. Looking online and forums it looks like you don’t need a ticket or won’t be gated off for non participants just if they decided to play they wouldn’t see what I do in game since they didn’t buy a ticket

  15. I put together a tag for all Pokémon I have with POSSIBLE mega evolutions. But I’m only at 38 unique Pokémon.

  16. No Swampert? When they announced Comm Day Classic they said he’d get a mega I believe.

  17. I live in Salem small world wish I knew where this perfect Charizard was 😂

  18. Yeah, I am saving on stardust because my friend will trade me a shiny charmander

  19. Yeah once you can it’s definitely worth it just bc you might find a few matchups that you aren’t winning a effective 2nd move could clean up not always but worth it if you have the Stardust. Enjoy your shiny charmander when you get it.

  20. Man imagine if you fed him you’d probably be close to best buddies by now 😂

  21. I hatched 3 yesterday out of the 9 eggs but only have 4 hatched out of about 20 total.

  22. I feel like they are easy to get I delete around 30-50 a day between spinning stops and opening gifts

  23. As long as frustration is removed when you fully evolve it will get Hydro Cannon as a CD exclusive.

  24. Thanks for that! So does that mean, even though you add a charged move, if it sees frustration it won’t choose the other one?

  25. If you add a charged move with frustration on that Pokémon you will get one of the avail pool but not the CD move. You could use an Elite TM on that charged move but it’s better to just wait until a rocket event at that point to remove frustration and save that Elite TM.

  26. Awesome thanks. Are the tickets relatively affordable say under US$100

  27. It will jump back up when it evolves to Flygon

  28. Yeah I believe with Trapinch I read it has to do with its Attack dropping on his evolved form and since a lot of CP is based on that is why it drops when it evolves to that form.

  29. No medal just reward you then puts the same task on there but for double the wins for a little more stardust then keeps repeating.

  30. I think one area that hasn’t been mentioned is it feels common that a lot of players have two accounts or someone like a significant other they play with that they can trade a lot with and get lucky trades which cuts your stardust investment in half. Having my wife play we trade daily and you can get multiple lucky trades in a day so i personally like doing that to improve IVs along with getting a discount on powering up good Pokémon

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