1. It means nothing. It's a bracelet for your ankle. Just jewelry or those fabric ones people make.

  2. I know a girl who named her kids blaze and sunshine. Btw she was on drugs. I'd have a hard time hiring them to represent a company. It is a problem.

  3. Blaise is a real name but it always makes me laugh when I hear it and I can’t apologize for that

  4. Ya same she made sure to spell it blaze though lol

  5. I mean how do you go abt things with a woman if you just want sex.

  6. Just hangout and have sex but don't label it. If it gets brought up say you don't have it in you for anything too serious.

  7. Ahh gotcha. In your case, usually is it that you aren’t looking for serious in general or specifically with that person? And If the latter, what tends to be the reason?

  8. In general. No reason if I catch feelings then cool, if not I wouldn't mind continuing to have sex lol.

  9. So what you're saying is you have 3 profiles and you're a shit poster..

  10. No I love short girls. So do a lot of men. Idk it could be a lot of different things.

  11. Far fucking from it. I'm close but I thought this shit would be easy lol.

  12. Outdoor shit. Could be surfing, hiking or whatever. Even soccer or just getting out and finding a basketball court to shoot around at.

  13. They're all exes? Oof. I hate how women will say it's controlling to not like that but I mean what the fuck. If it's a group thing out for drinks where you're getting invited then don't overthink it.

  14. Agreed. I've done all that shit. I have a limited social life, my job is kicking my ass lately and I'm single. I'm not wallowing in self pity.

  15. Same. When my husband and I first got together he tried tickling me once, then I told him “I’ll give you that one but going forward I am not responsible for what happens if you try it again”.

  16. 😆 I'm a guy so it probably doesn't happen to me as much. Like if my girl walks by and tickles the bottom of my foot and runs off I don't care. Stomach and all that I just get pissed lol.

  17. The epitome of urban gay white man

  18. If you have close friends talk to them but I think therapy is the only way for men to be able to get completely in depth and honest.

  19. Yes. This is why I don't take selfies or like my picture taken.

  20. Average looks is fine but average personality can be kind of boring. I don't care if a girl is a total smoke show just have a nice butt and personality.

  21. "Hey I know this is kind of petty but I'm still upset".

  22. Easy if you're wearing a condom. Just throw it out quick. Without one it's obvious if you don't cum anywhere.

  23. Uhh not really besides when I was on drugs a long time ago.

  24. Often. Not really deleting but stopping to begin with when I start typing. So much shit gets taken out of context sometimes I'm like mehh not in the mood.

  25. Is your man tit holding that bottle in place or is it sticking to your sweat? Or both?

  26. Lil Wayne is good at this. As long as it's not the whole song it's pretty dope.

  27. I eat cinnamon toast crunch for dessert almost every night after dinner so I'm with you. Not eating that shit in the morning it's like candy.

  28. I've never heard of any of them besides kid Cudi and kid Rock, but kid Rock isn't exactly a rapper.

  29. Say NO. I'll say something like "No, meet me somewhere or come at me with something we can agree on or it's not happening". "No" is a valid answer. So is "because I don't want to".

  30. Almost daily as far as sweeping and wiping things down. Toilet every few days. I go hard once a week and clean everything.

  31. Guy here. Agreed. Idk why it just does.

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